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I won't disagree. It seems like not a week goes by that I don't hear a reference to Himself on one comedy podcast or another. I fall squarely in that demographic, but my introduction to standup was much earlier. I received a Fisher-Price-esque record player for Christmas in 1979 (I was 4), along with a couple of LPs. Within a couple years, I was playing every record I could get my hands on, including the small stack my dad had. The first one I grabbed was Cosby's Why Is There Air?, mostly because the goofy cover photo had that guy from Fat Albert spinning a volleyball on his finger. I must have played that record 500 times before I turned 10, and it launched a lifelong love affair with comedy. I remember getting cassettes of Himself and For Adults Only when I was in junior high, and, like you, I could recite lines to this day, complete with inflection and the world's worst Cosby impression.
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Apr 20, 2011