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Jason Hindle
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I used to wonder how one would pursue a proper vegetarian diet, because veg is boring isn't it? Anyway, then I went to India for the first time.....
I can only echo the sentiments of other comments. An Olympus Trip-D would be great. Olympus or Panasonic could even do a very competitive take on the Leica X Vario concept (and likely provide a faster lens, in a body of the same size, thanks to the Four Thirds sensor).
That's a nice review. Couple of points: 1. If you have Olympus (or Metz, and I think Nissin too) flashes designed the system, that weak, built in flash will control them nicely. It's nice for playing with off camera flash in a casual kind of way. 2. Low light shooting: This may seem counter intuitive, but I've had some decent(ish) results, at least with the older 12MP sensor, by doubling the ISO and pushing the exposure one stop (obviously, raw). Caveat YMMV.
Sadly, it happens. When I went to Rome last year, I was desperate to try and improve on this photo I'd taken a few years earlier. Alas, it was not to be :(.
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Jun 11, 2013