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Well it's been a few years, and there have been a few major things that came out about all the series of these Dells. These XPS 1330's are PLAGUED by problems, usually from the AC adapter plug chip area. Turns out they used unshielded wiring which usually fried the mobos, requiring a $300 (as of 05-2010 still $300+ USD) mobo replacement. The biggest problem currently with that is if you buy another mobo, it's gonna happen again. A few people out there (a FEW, on the whole internet) have posted some solutions usually involving replacing the AC plug on the mobo with a different one at the least. But you're still out the money on the new mobo, and if you don't read this or know about it, you'll be in the same situation eventually: laptop will die or cut out on battery power; laptop will stop charging the battery; laptop will stop working completely (can't get power from the battery or AC due to fried circuts) or worse, mobo dies from the AC chips overheating. Other than that, these were nice machines! Too bad Dell didn't simply do a re-vamp of them- they changed the whole line to the same hinges and interior but used even cheaper parts. In my tech experience, I'd recommend everyone look for a 1420/1520. You can get a Gf 8600m in them and easily find one with a Gf 8400m. That's pretty fast for a 1280x800 LCD! You can also swap out the inverter and LCD for the RGB setup. AND they're built like tanks. :P
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on Dell XPS M1330 Review at Coding Horror
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Apr 21, 2010