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I keep reading posts and blog entries related to this topic and it frustrates me. I have been working in IT for many years and recently completed a new degree focused around Information Systems and programming as I want to move from IT into development. I find that most of the job postings without the Senior keyword in their title are looking for people with 5-7 years of programming specific experience and many of the senior positions have phrases like "Javascript, CSS, jQuery would be a plus" which I have but I am certainly no Senior Programmer. I have used Perl and VB in my past life as an IT worker for 10 years and after learning C/C++, C# and ASP.NET I feel like a total noob. Until I finally get a job firmly in the software development role where 0% of my time is spent managing systems I feel like I am a very junior programmer. I quess my biggest problem in looking for a position is how much of my IT scripting experience to I count toward actual programming experience and where are people drawing the line with the use of "Senior"? Great I can write all the simple apps people talk about using as interview questions but I can't get a call for the interview as I have 10+ years of non-programming specific IT experience.
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Feb 22, 2010