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I think that this could be said for any creative field / endeavor. It is hard for those unfamiliar with the commitment and need to express one self that you must walk away from your friends from time to time to wrap yourself in solitude to create. That solitude can be refreshing for some, a nearly unbearable loneliness for others, or experience fluctuating between both extremes over various times. As an artist who works in oil, pastels, pencil, pen, and other similar mediums, I know I both crave the need to be alone to make something and the needs for crowds to show what I created. But I can truthfully say sometimes when I am alone creating I am not at all lonely, and sometimes in the midst of that crowd, I feel so disconnected as if I am alien on a strange planet so far away from home. But I cannot imagine not creating.
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I totally understood what you meant and who you were directing it at. I have to share my frustration with some of these "youngsters". I ride the bus to work and due to the hour it is crowded both with college students and downtown workers. This morning at my bus stop, a mother with what was at most a 6 month old got on the bus. I made sure she got on before me so she could more easily get a seat. At the front of the bus there is priority seating for disable and elderly, and given the hour it was mostly taken up by college students, the majority who get off in one or two stops or basically 2 to 4 blocks. Not a single one of them in the priority seating offered this mother and her child their seat even those that got off at the next stop. I was totally disgusted by them. I know not all young people are that way. But it does reflect poorly on them when they are seating in areas designated for people like that mother but not a single one of them offering up their seat as intended.
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Feb 2, 2011