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You will be missed Jeff and Thanks for your immense contribution on helping programmers and developers. Javin
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2012 on Farewell Stack Exchange at Coding Horror
On related note doesn't geek worry about there eye little bit ? while they continuous work on there laptop , desktop and Ipad doesn't there eyes saying them dude please take a break. Javin
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2011 on Bias Lighting at Coding Horror
That 1% comes from the smile baby gives when he or she see his parents and that is the most precious thing in the world, it make you feel that someone in the world really needs you and your presence give him or her immense pleasure. Javin Javarevisited Blog
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2011 on On Parenthood at Coding Horror
After so much hype and so many years Chrome is still not as popular as people as expected and not replaced Internet Explorer yet , infact Firefox has become the most popular browser now days and if you go with my experience my vote is definitely Firefox which is miles ahead to both IE and chrome. google needs to done something seriously to push chrome , let's see.... Javin 10 examples of find command in Unix
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
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May 4, 2011