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I no longer think of myself as using a specific version of Chrome, I just … use Chrome Exactly. Chrome version no longer matters. The thing just works, and knowing that I'll always be updated makes me feel... updated. But that feature is quite difficult to apply to other browsers, and here I'd like to mention Internet Explorer. I'm sure IE could have make this as well. I can't see any technical hurdles that couldn't be surpassed. But IE is too important for too many business users. Too many apps, too many processes, are still dependant. So automatic updates aren't "affordable". But this is I guess -I'm talking to you know, MS- one of the disadvantages of having forced all your users to use IE. Chrome had the freedom of a shiny, fresh start. Offtopic: 1) Jeff, why do you use Typepad and not WordPress, any special reason? 2) You got time to read aaaall your blog comments?? Greetings and my deepest congrats. Your blog inspires. That is something few blogs can achieve.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
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May 26, 2011