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Well done DA!
Congratulations Katie (and team). Very exciting. Can't wait to see what this merger brings to the market!
Great post. What we've considered to be "brands" and what we've considered to be "media" are converging. How long until we see brands become full-fledged media outlets? I'm working on a project for a large electronics company to sync their content creation to customer inquisitions. It's essentially a robust, content-driven FAQ that's perpetuated in social media and search-optimized as much as possible. I have a post publishing soon that walks through the methodology. As noted in the comments, the concept of creating content to drive awareness and move consumers through the conversion funnel isn't at all new, but I see the adoption pace picking up speed quickly. Incidentally, I really enjoyed your session at SXSW. Great format.
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Mar 30, 2010