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Jay Burken
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I am not a Republican, as I am quite liberal, but I will still be caucusing and voting for Ron Paul. After watching the debates and listening to his message, as an educated man, I have to vote for him. He is the only person who actually adheres to what the founding fathers wanted for our nation. Anyone remember the Monroe Doctrine? He is the ONLY consistent candidate in the race, and he is the only person who can pull large groups of independents and democrats to the race. No other person stands a chance against Obama, because they are all too radical in their positions. Another war in Iran? Syria? Stay in Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Next is China and Africa. We are building an empire here people. Imperialism is too costly and it always fails. We have seen this time and time again in the history books. Why are we educated if not to make informed decisions? Ron Paul is the only person in the race who has been bipartisan, while keeping his constitutional values, and not voting to raise taxes. Ever. Who else has that kind of record? I've had a hard time supporting Obama, even prior to his nomination- just never felt he was genuine. But I absolutely could not support any of the other candidates. Ron Paul will veto anything unconstitutional. He is the only person who can get our country back on track.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on Paul closes in on Gingrich at Public Policy Polling
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Dec 13, 2011