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I hate to say it, but, the shutting out the other two charities, whatever they would be, is the only thing I agreed with what Carreon did. Not everyone supports every charity. Look at what happened with Planned Parenthood and Komen. Not everyone is willing to give money to Komen over that, and when people gave money, they were giving it with the intent that half of it was going to WWF and the other half to ACS. Adding in other charities after the fact muddies the waters. Yes, you could easily say 'Ok, then just think that the first $50k is going to ACS/WWF and the second $50k (or what have you) is going to X/Y, but that's not really how it works. I, personally, won't help Komen get money anymore. I won't participate in their events, I won't donate to their charities and I won't suggest other people do either. When Matt said 'I'm adding two charities and I don't know who yet', I felt a little worried. I dislike giving to 'unknown charities' like I dislike giving money to random people on the street. Note that Scientology is a 501.c.3 and I'm not giving any money to those idiots. Ever.
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"I think that education about where food comes from and how it should be prepared is a fundamental right, even more basic than education about higher math or literature." I'm actually pretty sure it is a right, just as it is everyone's right *not* to learn about it. I think you might have wanted to substitute 'requirement' for 'right'.
"I'm torn though, because I really, really really want people to know that basic cooking techniques are not that difficult once you learn them and they can be applied in so many ways" But that's still orthogonal to the issue of time, time which isn't just the cooking part, but also the cleaning and the pre-preparing (ie, shopping, list building, etc). Because yeah, I agree. There is plenty of easy in the realm of cooking, but even I'm not so crass to say that everyone can do it. I may be unemployed and have the time to, but when me and the Mrs. were both full time, we didn't have all that much time to cook every single meal. More than our fair share of lunches were purchased, and at least a couple dinners a workweek were purchased out. Someone who works at home shouldn't presume to know what a single mother who works two jobs to be able to afford to care for her child(ren) has time to do. That's the key issue I had. I related it to a statement I made of 'Those who think that an unemployment check makes you not want to work have never been on unemployment.'
@Tana "yell AND spell" was my favorite toy growing up.
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