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Jeff, I can understand some users' objection to the metaphor, although I didn't think you were trying to suggest they were equivalent. And I agree with some others that some of the ways you describe choices doesn't seem to recognize how disease-like extreme depression is. But, your acknowledgement of your own struggles made me view those minor differences in a different light. It made me read it less as, "is this untrained analyst's" metaphor and description accurate/helpful/etc?" Instead, I took it as, "I struggled, hard with depression, and this is how I'm feeling as I cope with this new event. And I'm being incredibly honest, however hard that may be, knowing that not just the internet, but my family - my kids - will all eventually read this." Anyway, whatever individual aspects of this I don't agree with, overall I think it was very brave to share so much about your personal travails. So thanks.
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Jan 23, 2013