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Jaybird's Jottings
Interests: Writing, sabermetrics, baseball history, travel and pets.
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Thanks Jim, I appreciate your comments and hearing from someone with your knowledge. That must have been something to see the seaplanes on the Potomac!
Thanks! Always appreciate re-blogs. Hope you enjoy the book. Mark did a great job.
Reid, You know your Alexandria history. The HABS does call it the Dalton-Herbert House. And it notes the house was recorded as Wise’s Tavern in 1936, and went by other names. By the way, are you related to John Dalton?
Mitchell, I don’t get a lot of comments and feedback so thanks for yours. Bill is a friend so I’m reluctant to criticize him. It’s his writing, not mine. He sent his answers in an email. Your advice about too many exclamation points is excellent. I think I read once where full restraint is a good idea. In Bill’s case he has a strong passion for history. I love his insights so I’ve issued him a full waiver on punctuation :-) Take care and thanks.
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I remember the serenity there, the tall majestic trees. Eastern Shore is nice to visit. We went to St Michaels and enjoyed it, even beyond the touristy stuff. We also enjoyed Chestertown and its history.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2013 on Belmont Photos at Jaybird's Jottings
Thanks Jennifer, glad you liked them. How did you get interested in Belmont?
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2013 on Belmont Photos at Jaybird's Jottings
Thanks Thomas! Look forward to checking it out!
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I joined in 2004 and have enjoyed you guys - great customer service. Congrats! Jay Roberts Jaybird's Jottings
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Thanks Jim. Huntington is an up and comer with the TOD.
Todd -- Thanks for writing. It is going to be great to see this strong focus. All the best to you too, and thanks again for a great book. Jay