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Jaybird's Jottings
Interests: Writing, sabermetrics, baseball history, travel and pets.
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Hi Tim, I know you have done a lot of great research. I didn't know about the two you mentioned. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2015 on Alexandria’s Brewers at Jaybird's Jottings
Hi Christian, I see where you have written a book. Look forward to buying it! Will you make any local author appearances? Can I buy your book locally? Jay
Rob Neyer is one smart cookie. Glad to see my Giants ranked number 1!
Thank you Diane! Blogging can be a lonely existence so I very much appreciate the feedback. Music critic experience equals zero, but I have always loved going to concerts. Back in the day I saw Zep, The Who, among others. In the mid 70s, I remember someone telling me they went to see Fleetwood Mac when they came to Greensboro, my hometown, that is was an awesome show, and I regretted not going. That was one of the beauties of last night, finally seeing them, and sharing it with R. And I was amazed at how the Mac did seem to defy time. Are you a music fan? Thanks again!
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2014 on Fleetwood Mac at Jaybird's Jottings
Thanks Jim, I appreciate your comments and hearing from someone with your knowledge. That must have been something to see the seaplanes on the Potomac!