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Wow, you were clearly misquoted. Shame on Mr. Yagoda! Unfortunately, in your response you mischaracterize logical punctuation as well by implying that punctuation would never go outside the quotation marks. There are two cases for punctuation and quotes, only one of which differs between logical and american styles. The first case is where one is quoting a sentence or a fragment that contain punctuation: His reply was "What?". (Everyone's style) The second case, where the quoted material has no quote, is where things differ. As she put it, "excellent". (Logical style*) As she put it, "excellent." (American & apparently British style according to AngrySubEditor). American style has always rubbed this American the wrong way as I feel strongly that quoted material should never be altered. *(I am distinguishing between logical style, as elucidated by Mr. Yagoda, and British style, which this post points out has its own complexities)
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Jun 1, 2011