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Any receiver taken better be + 6'3", and + 235lbs. I'm tired of 6ft. nothing, sub 200lb. guys. They need a big body, with some smarts and toughness, to get in the end zone. These tiny to average size receivers ain't cutting it!!!
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I'm still wondering why this reporter, Armando Salguero, is still in Miami. I can't believe he's employed at all, let alone, as a columnist. What a 'PIN HEAD!'
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Armando doesn't know squat 'cus no one in 'DaPhins!' organization will talk to him. That's why he irresponsibly reports 'so called' rumors. 'Proof?' You know Philbin doesn't talk to anybody and, no one has ever talked to Aponte. Most couldn't even tell you what she looks like. It's reporters like this guy, that muddy up the water for those fools who believe what he writes. The guy is guessing, at best people.
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I'll give you a few reasons that add to maybe why not many go to Sunlife Stadium. I was there for the Rams game and,#1-$25 for parking is ridiculous.#2-The food is 'WAY!!' over priced and one dude tried to charge me double for a pepperoni pizza. He said it was $8 for the tiny cheese pizza plus $8 for pepperoni. Hotdog $9. It was grey in color. Kiss my lily white ass! Not to mention how bad it was and #3-$9 for a bottle of beer is 'CRAZY!' #4- The place is kind of old and dirty. I live in SW Florida and have always loved 'DaPhins!!!' I'll watch the games at home, Thank You!!!
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Nov 11, 2012