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JB Meacham
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You asked: I would have cut Bell weeks ago if you knew you were going to so you could replace him. I wouldn't have traded Marshall for nothing and I would have had another move lined up (or at least a plan) to justify giving him away. I would not have signed Garrard to greet people at a Walmart. Seriously, why not bring Marino back for "competition"? We have not addressed the OL or QB positions and now we are thinner at WR. We got significantly worse in one week. If the overriding plan is to pin everything on the draft then come out and say so. But do not come and say we are real close to a SB and only lack a QB (paraphrasing of course) then make moves that stink of rebuilding. He signed Soliai. Great. Anyone else think Soliai overvalued himself on the open market then skulked back when he realized he wouldn't get anymore anywhere else? Me too. How many people does it take to say this guy isn't a good guy for you to believe it? There is a reason no one is coming here.
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Mar 20, 2012