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and to point out about this blog, even with the lack of movement in the off season, I sthink the heat have a decent chance of being very good, Wade can still get even better, he is only 27...and like many I do think JO is the key to this team, if JO can be even 85% of what he used to be, this team can ball....The other guys must step up though, cook is KEY as well....I know many people are hoping on Beasley and chalmers, I am too, but Cook is a guy that is being overlooked a bit, the guy has the potential to put up numbers and be a one on one scorer if he puts his mind and work into it...I can see the heat, if healthy and everyone getting close to their ceiling, being a 48 win team, and the 4th seed in the east, with some upset wins during the season as well
typical, a 20 year old rich athlete does not want to read....what a clown, it's called education mr. beasley, and yes it helps a lot on the court as well as off the court, listen to ZO dude, learning is essential to your game and to your life, it isn't all about partying, twittering (so stupid), and smoking the ganja (although fun when used right)....jeez....that is why I think players should have to play at least 2-3 years of college ball, get their heads straight and educate them, not everyone is kobe bryant
nooo wayyy doctorb....there is no way the heat would that, and i would never do it either, baron is nice, but he isn't great, he is on the decline and has way too long of a contract, camby is borderline done, and aman is avergae and injury way you give up so much cap space for those scrubs.... It is better to take the 2010 approach, if wade does not want to extend right now so what, it is in his best interest not too, and if for some reason wade becomes the a-hole of all time, and leaves the place that made him into what he is, drafted him, fans adore him here, well then....if that is the case we would still have room to sign 2 max players, or wade and another max player like bosh or lebron which is the hope here...if we can't get either of those, then the heat can easily stack up, maybe he can bring in joe johnson, iverson, and boozer, the heat can potnetially have about 23 million in cap space, if they trade away james jones, you can get iverson for 2 million by next year, boozer for 12, johnson for 10 mil....the heat can then just resign JO to a small deal, keep cook, chalmers, beasley, wade, and maybe even UD....that would make us contenders people....and if we can get bosh or amare at the deadline without giving up beasley, we should go for it 100%...i know riley will
if you want to fill the holes on your team, do not fill them with filler, that is why so many teams sucks, and the good teams are the ones that scout just a little harder, pay just a little more for the bargain deals, they fill their holes with players who can make a difference, AI is one of those guys, he can still be an 18 ppg guy off the bench, and maybe 6 assists....the guy can ball, it is ludicrous that we are still on the topic and pat riley is only looking to shed money, if your going to shed money than we are just saying, screw this season...its the truth....we should take advatage that beasley is having issues and now haslem may be worth more to the jazz than beasley, its almost a blessing in disguise if the jazz bite...not to say i dont want beasley to get better, i hope he does, but we can use haslem and jones (get rid of his contract) to trade for boozer and bam, we get boozer, the jazz save an extra 2 million bucks which in their case would be 4 million...we sign some cheap PF on the market so we can satisfy riley's lets just fill the hole on our depth chart with....filler....but at least we can sign AI, get boozer for a year, and dump jones' contract, it will make the off season a true success
this is absolutely ridiculous, AI still out on the market becuse of the stupid media putting on a red flag....pleaseeee, i dpont care what happened in detroit, wake up riley, bring him in now while u still can and if he becomes a pest he is out of here, but he worth the risk, he is a game changer, and if u can get him without giving up anything more than a few million bucks, it is worth the shot, it will help ticket sales and it will give the team a chance every come on, get this over with and lets move on to getting another big man
why is anyone talking about prince or ak47, both of them together coudln't propell miami to elite status...they have long contracts and are not worth it, so that discussion should be out the window, look this team is going to be better next year, yes it revovles around a bunch of "if's" BUT if those if's happen, the heat can be darn good next year, just have pateince and believe in what riley is doing, and enough with this wade buying a house in chicago crap, what a loser that writer sam trying to excite his chicago fans with such crap, he just wants people to read his stuff, its sad that he needs to say crap like that for ppl to read his stuff, get another job man...wade is staying in miami period, and another superstar to join wade, beasley, and chalmers is on the horizon...and the heat will be contenders for at least the next 4-5 years and if we get lebron, we would probably win about 5 ships, it is what it is
and that is why i ultimately think we will get AI if wade wants him
speak basketball then dude, ppl who are interested in what u have to say will join u
i think u would, so i don't know what u have against ppl talking about it...u have a valid point that he is a cav, and that is the truth....but it is only the truth right now, as it was when AI was a sixer and go traded to the nuggets the next day, or how boozer is a jazz right now, and can become someone else's team mate tonight or in february, if its possible, it si worth to talk about it in my honest opinion
yes hotelo i agree, they are full of it a lot of the time...i agree with u...but some times they can have interesting stuff to say, and sometimes it can be legit..we choose whether to believe it or not, and we have to smart about it...but lebron coming to miami is still talking basketball, and i don't see it as impossible, but improbable...but it is exciting enough to talk about it, that is why ppl talk about it...cause if it happened, are u saying u would not be extremely excited
* i'm NOT saying leave
i mean i do not see how a blog can be an "escape" but if that is how u view it, that's cool....but we are talking basketball here, remember how i said u pay attention to what u want to pay attention too, if u don't liek this blog because it is turnign into the worst one in america, there are other blogs, i'm saying leave, i'm just reminding u that u have options without the intention of sounding like a smart ass
i dont believe evrything espn says, i am interested in a particular article, i dont really go to espn for opinions, but never the less some stuff interests me, and it happens that today i wanted to read a story on espn insider, u don't have to trash espn for talking crap about beasley being traded, it happens all the time in the sports world, rumors, in the news around the world, politics...u just pay attention to what u want to and that is it
man i wish i had espn insider
i am not taking anything away from tinsley as a player next to another player, alone he stand as a solid option to score in spurts, good passer and can set up team mates, runs the offense decently. decent speed, but does not play good defense contrary to what some may believe, but he handles the ball well and that is important too and has good size....but the problem is that he would fit great if the heat were contenders, are they yet? probably not, the team would have to make major strides, oneal would have to be an all star again, beasley would have to make a significant jump like wade did in his second year, chalmers would have to start playing like a veteran, cook would have to learn how to drive the ball. haslem would...still have to be really, too much would be dependent on tinsley if those players don't do what we need them to do...i think AI is more reliable, but tinsley is a better fit if things go well for the rest of the guys....tough choice honestly
i dont see it as fishy, i see as they both thought it was good business and it would allow both of them to see their options once 2010 arrives and for them to get max contracts, im pretty sure thye both expected to resign with their current clubs even when they discussed taking the 3 year extension in 2006.... but of course, intentions can change, lebron can easily chnage his mind if the cavs flater this year which i hope and think they will...leaving the door open for riley to and wade to get up in his grill and be like its miami time
good points papi, but u still cannot take away from the facts that iverson is also very motivated, he is a winner no matter what anyone says, and he is much more skilled than tinsley, tinsley has been out a whole year from basketball, what can he bring right from the get go, are his natural skills better than AI's...i don't think so....i think in the end, riley will choose what wade wants, and i think wade will choose AI because of the lack of trust he has in beasley being reliable as the number 2 option and JO not holding up the entire season
and yes again, if anyone ehas espn insider, can u please post that chad ford story of lebron and wade on the cover
yeah dom well that is true, tehy are already freinds anyway, i don;t think that could ever become a shaq and kobe relationship....they would work well together, it would go down as the greatest combo ever, better magic and kareem and better thann jordan and pippen...if you put the right peices around wade and lebron it would be raining championships in miami
dom, wade wouldn't even be the side kick to jordan, not to say he is better than jordan, he has a long way to go and a few more rings, but wade is the face of this franchise, he would have been jordan's partner, so lebron would come here as wade's partner, if anything, lebron would be the side kick, wade is more skilled anyway, but partners makes sense, that is how they would see it, and they would check their ego's at the door if once riley sits them down, that the team is belongs to both of them and they are here to win rings...they would get it
and yeah, it is about time the heat gets AI, riley might not be bringing any pg in to start, or with the intetion better said, to start over mario chalmers, but a good baketball team, a good TEAM period, has to have comptetion, if not, players feel to comfortable and they don't end up working as hard knowing their jobs are secure, allen iverson can push any back court player not named wade to his limits and make him work as hard as possible to be great, and even with all of that, AI is still one heck of a player, and at one year it is worth the so-called risk...if spo can't handle AI, then spo is simply not for this team, and if AI gets way out of line, then we send him home, simple as that, but get this over with so we can move on with the season and watch JO and Beasley give wade the help he wants, add AI to that in the back court giving those 2 about 12-14 minutes playing together during the game, and the heat can be dynamic...screw boozer screw odom....this team must build from within, AI would be enough, be patient, next year will be the year for the heat (is that lebron wearing a heat uniform i see?) hahahha more probably bosh, but hey we can dream in 2010
does anyone here have espn insider and can post that chad ford story on the 9 teams with cap, i'm interested to see what he says about miami
That s a screwed up way to mess with heat fans after a report by various sources saying lamar odom is leaning towards coming back with the heat, not that is shocks me that he is using it as leverage to get a better deal from the lakers, but this has gone a bit too far, he must make a decision, in my opinion he has more of a heart for miami, but he is still affectionate in all that he has gone through with the lakers....ira may be wrong about patience, patience may come and bite us in the butt, we don't know how fats iverson will be off the market, we lost out on marquis daniels, and boozer if the jazz decide not to trade him or trade im to another ira said odom probably won't come to miami, and when he doesn't, what happens then?
at least smush parker made us think he was going to work out here
this is arguably the most boring and frustrating heat off season i have ever witnessed