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No question Steve-it seems as if you are one of the few in the media that got it right. Rick asked for it by calling the TO; Pete was playing it classy by having MB go to a knee before that ludicrous decision by RN.
I think it's great that he made the right decision to play where his blood and heart is. I was always taught that I was an Italian-American; Italian comes first.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2009 on Hating Giuseppe Rossi at Soccer By Ives
I read where it passed !!!!!!!
The problem with Penny is that he's been a half-season pitcher with both Miami and LA. He starts to break down after the All-Star game and it gets worse in August and September. He was NOT a positive factor for the Marlins in the playoffs and World Series. I think he may also have , or be prone to, a serious shoulder injury.
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