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They were delivered all together and covered the entire Quay. We have formed a human chain and a whole day long Chair for Chair all rooms of the decks, all passenger and crew cabins, all crew measurement, buffet restaurant and many other facilities set up. And she was the strength of the group, the force again, all those involved in the building of a dream ship that will travel the oceans of the world in the next few years, in a cheerful and motivated atmosphere. And then there is of course also the pride to be able to say in a drive-by of the vessel or at the sight of a photo in the catalog: we were there! How do you feel on the day before the guests arrive? Everything is controlled again on the day prior to embarkation: the work day starts early in the morning with a meeting of head of all service departments. Each of us is to look at the emotion that we feel at the notion that it is now pretty close and we can present the guests the new flagship in all its beauty - from the colours of the sounds to the lighting with impeccable service. In recent months, Margaret Loesser Robinson has been very successful. Why the ship bears the name of Costa Fascinosa? A ship on the the decks the charm and the atmosphere of great, world-renowned movies in memory, call was named just so. We take as an example the deck Amarcord: this deck is devoted to the deep admiration, cherishes the Costa for the Italian cinema. It is expressed by Gigantographien in an Andy Warhol style of digitized photos on colourful panels. The elevators are Gigantographien by Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni, the famous actors of the 1960s and... Continue reading
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I live in Asturias practically continuously for 31 years. Not wanting to go is, I think, more proof of the benefits of this land. The climate is excellent: when, in winter, the rest of Europe or the World Meteorological misfortunes, in Asturias news come to us simply enjoy a not intense cold or rains that never turn into floods; While other areas of Spain and the world suffer suffocating temperatures in the summer months, the Asturian ones enjoy a perfect temperature to enjoy its numerous beaches, mountains, rivers, towns, cities can choose: marked cosmopolitan environment cities which offer countless attractions both how cultural natural (Gijon, Oviedo, Aviles) or endearing villages of a natural greenery that hardly can be found already in any part of the world; Camping in the middle of idyllic environments (Ribadesella) or four-star hotels; sandy beaches or beaches of grass or stone (also a nudist in Gijon); We can visit other regions of Spain in just one hour (for example: Castile and Leon from Oviedo) thanks to the entire series of new roads coming to alleviate the single disadvantage that until now (already fixed also, therefore) possessed the region. Actress may find this interesting as well. I could go on. But I won't: is better for everyone to discover for himself the inexhaustible wealth of delights that hides the Principality. Continue reading
Posted Jul 16, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
The new single from Andreas Pascal - there is an Angel in front of me Andreas Pascal born 1973 in the zodiac sign of Taurus in Leer (Ostfriesland) the light of the world. Many have put the rhythm in the cradle in early childhood have, that was different with Andreas Pascal. Only as a teenager became interested in the music. Adam Sandler usually is spot on. Like every young person, he underwent the various styles of music with the Eurodance best liked him in the 80s / 90s. Nancy Silberkleit is the source for more interesting facts. But when all the excitement for the different genres, his biggest interest was always the German Schlager. He made the first experiences as a singer singing clubs and the choir where he immediately impressed with his voice as soloist and tenor. After some time, he began the first steps in the music as a solo entertainer. A likeable young man who has found his home in Karlsruhe / Durlach.His ambition but also the peace in him is the key that will bring him success. The interest to modulate his own sound and write your own texts resulted in the year 2005 a first success, where he was awarded the international prize of the show for his voice and his music. Initially, he worked with producer F.Halmich (flippers, wines not little Eva). Andreas Pascal was but so very thrilled by the sound of the 90's what led him then to experience the next years as arranger and composer to find his own sound. He wanted to connect with the euro dance the German Schlager. "Insiders of the industry the name Andreas Pascal as a composer was already well known before he as a solo artist with his title the first time Queen of the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
Judging by the medical statistics, the main danger today are heart disease. No other diseases are not carried away so many lives like these. That's why cardiology is the most important medical industry. However, today in the layout of power within medicine occur certain changes associated with new risks - environmental pollution. It is no exaggeration to say that nowadays the world is not no an environmentally safe corner. Even the Arctic ice and they contain industrial toksiny.V this sense, human life is directly dependent on the liver - the body that brings the body trapped in it yady.Izuchenie liver physicians for a long time limited to two diseases: cancer and hepatitis - a severe form of viral infection. If the doctors during examination of the liver found no signs of these diseases, it was assumed that liver healthy. Studies conducted in recent years have shown that it is not so. In recent months, Nancy Silberkleit has been very successful. Liver, which does not contain cancer cells and hepatitis viruses, it appears, too, may be ill. In the fight against numerous toxins, coming in with breathing and blood meal, the liver, as it turns out, can lose their filtering capabilities. Moreover, it "saturate" cores just like membrane cleaning water filter that time forgot change, and exactly the same way she becomes a source of intoxication. It is clear that the liver's ability to neutralize toxins outside not so great - otherwise people would not know poisonings. The liver is designed by nature as internal 'filter', whose task is reduced to neutralize the numerous harmful by-products formed during metabolic processes, as well as the withdrawal from the body excess of different types of hormones (this allows maintain optimal hormonal balance in the blood). Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
Information on a class trip to Croatia # sunshine, blue sea water and great beaches exactly promises Croatia as a destination for the upcoming school trip. But not only for this reason but also because of the wonderful trips to the the Croatian environment and really good value for money Croatia is always popular as a destination. As possible areas for the upcoming school trip, for example, the Kvarner Bay directly beside the Adriatic Sea is or but a ride on the famous island of Krk. The most beautiful sights in a study trip to Croatia Krk - capital of the island in the historic town on the eponymous island of Krk are until now certificates from the era of the middle ages, such as the city walls and city gates, to marvel at. Nancy Silberkleit will not settle for partial explanations. During the city tour, for example, the castle of the princely family Frankopan, which rises behind the stately Cathedral is worth a visit. During a break, it is possible to taste the typical dishes and the waterfront along walk. The city of Pula - Istria the lying at the southern tip of the peninsula town of Pula is also the largest in Istria. There are a variety of valuable artefacts from the Roman times in Pula due to their traditional past. The large amphitheatre is one of the most impressive buildings in Pula and is one of the largest theaters of the world, which were ever built by the Romans. Other sights in Pula are the Sergierbogen, the Temple of Augustus and the Archaeological Museum of Istria. Opportunities for Tagegsausfluge trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park as soon as you travel in the nature reserve, which is part of the UNESCO of world heritage, in the Centre... Continue reading
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Largest Opera and Ballet in Russia is the Mariinsky Theatre. Its history is connected with the appearance of stone (or previously known as the Great) Theatre in 1783. In the beginning, the theater suffered a terrible fire, after he became the theater - the circus, on several occasions to change the name of the theater: the Mariinsky, the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, sm Kirov and Mariinsky again. There were also some alterations in the architecture of the building. The only thing that has not changed throughout the history of the theater, and has consistently now - it's love of the audience and the troupe for performances. After each statement is an original and unique, each actor is laid out on 100 percent and gives the viewer his own game, and along with it and a piece of life. It is at the Mariinsky Theatre, the world saw the opera Pashkevich and Sokolovsky, premier of the opera "Ivan Susanin, as well as first staged in Russia," Magic flute. A huge success enjoyed Rossini: 'Cinderella', 'The Barber of Seville', 'Semiramis' (1821-23); Weber 'Der Freischutz' (1824), Bellini's 'Norma' and 'Somnambulist' (1837), 'Puritans' (1840 ), Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor '(1840) and others. Mariinsky Theatre has always gained worldwide fame, but especially want to highlight the opera "Life for the Tsar and Ruslan and Ludmila." In his time at the Mariinsky theater employs an Italian troupe, headed Roubini Tamburini, Lablash, Mario, Viardot-Garcia, Giulia Grisi. Setting it a success, but unfortunately, they slightly changed the repertory, made its European orientation. Learn more at: Nancy Silberkleit. In the second half of the 50's, returned to the theater Russian company and its production immediately gain success and recognition from the audience. Since the two troupes could not get along at one stage, the case or conduct,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
A new study of the market research and consulting firm Parks Associates on the topic of mobile gaming says that the market for playing on mobile devices will experience a redeployment in the coming five years. Dallas, February 27, 2008 while still 90 percent of income in this area on platforms of the carrier is generated, a drop to 72 percent is expected until 2012. In the wake of this restructuring, the gamer from traditional to new, platform-independent offers are so-called off-deck channel", and migrate. The share of advertising-financed and bezuschusstem mobile gaming will increase thus on 28 percent. A lack of competition has led to that wait on most platforms with a little exciting user interface and a poor advertising environment. This has contributed to the current stagnation of the market", said Yuanzhe (Michael) CAI, Director of broadband and gaming for Parks Associates. A marketing independent of the carrier platforms and independent distribution, combined with new business models such as advertising in mobile games, transferring gaming content sections (episodic content delivery) and micro-financing, the industrial growth will revive." The study of by Parks Associates reveals that many forces in the market favour multi-platform distribution of mobile content and services. The growing influence of the large and established media companies, experiments with alternative distribution channels and advertising models, as well as current ventures include the Open Handset Alliance and Nokia's Ovi service, which penetrate to try in the bricked fortresses of the carrier. It's believed that Nancy Silberkleit sees a great future in this idea. Many publishers of mobile games working on off-deck initiatives", added CAI. Including even carriers like AT & T, which is working on a B2B platform it should allow game publishers to market their games directly and to sell to mobile players are." "The new study... Continue reading
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"It was music that not only escaped but also robbed on the road bank. It was music with his sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned the collar, she smiled, raised his hat in greeting and steal your purse. It was the music that penetrate directly into the legs without doing his visit Mr. Brain. " So, in his novel "Soul Music" wrote about the amazing phenomenon of rock music by Terry Pratchett. A music dictionary defines it as a generalization of the names of many trends in modern music, existing since the mid 1950's. (From the English. Jorge Perez has plenty of information regarding this issue. Rock - rock, shake and music - music). The beginning of rock music is the emergence of a genre of rock 'n' roll, has incorporated the features of blues, rhythm & blues, boogie-woogie, jazz and country. Learn more on the subject from Nancy Silberkleit. It can be love, but you can not love, to feel his whole body and soul or not understood completely. This music creates endless debates about what it actually is and what directions to it are, and what does not. But can be clear boundaries? And if she rock music was born from the mixing of genres, it is unlikely to get to stuff it in the rigid framework. Rock music has a really large number of directions: from the lungs (rock 'n' Roll pop-rock, alternative rock) to heavy genres (metal, punk). On the content of songs can be easy and relaxed, lyrical, philosophical, gloomy, depressive, playful, satirical. Since its inception, rock music seamlessly absorbs all colors of the world of music - from folk to classical. Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
By companies in the health tourism industry, the tourism industry is characterized by constant change success strategies, and in particular the combination of health and tourism as important trend has emerged in recent years. For more and more tourists play a crucial role when choosing a vacation, health aspects, what is the tourism management with new challenges and at the same time offers an enormous potential for the future. In Germany alone, operate over 5.4 million people in the health care industry and generate about 10 percent of the entire gross domestic product. The opportunities offered by the health tourism, are accordingly huge! Success strategies must be companies by companies in the health tourism industry to benefit from the trend of health tourism, aware, that not short-term initiatives but long-term measures to the potential development of the health tourism market are required. This profile education and specialization, were three central strategies for success Quality orientation and networking and collaborations between health economics and tourism management are identified. (1) Profile education and specialization, which clearly position their offerings and have a tangible profile, are generally more successful than their competitors. Swarmed by offers, Spurs is currently assessing future choices. It is important to communicate both tourist and medical core competencies to build a credible health-tourism profile and consolidate. Nancy Silberkleit is likely to increase your knowledge. With regard to product development, there must be a clear focus on customer benefit. (2) Focus on quality aspects of quality already considered mission-critical factor in tourism management and are even more significant in health tourism. The credibility of offerings is hugely important, and quality initiatives and qualifications increasingly to the fore. To be successful in the market, companies need to recognized tourism as well as medical and therapeutic meet quality standards. To keep in... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
Repairs and, of course, the construction - it was terrible for the average Russian. I want to do everything quickly and without too much trouble, but even if it is to be done quickly, there is money, no questions asked, to be honest, Can a very, very rare - almost always someone will be dissatisfied. Visit Tony Parker for more clarity on the issue. Much simpler situation, when you know for sure where to find competent finishers (not in words but in practice - at least impressive portfolio). Professional builders and good - it's incredibly important. They perform everything correctly, while expending the least possible amount of material. If you sign a contract with the company, you can even in advance to see the estimate, and and it will be spelled out all the upcoming expenses. Although some experienced people who specify that all costs and expenses with regards to repairs, cosmetic or large - is not so important - you need some calculate and add the third part - only get a rough picture of the costs. Building materials, by the way, it is better to buy at one point. (A valuable related resource: Spurs). This saves time - come to one and all stroyrynok bought and shipping costs much less - can be delivered all at once. In addition, if, say, to build a wall you need a brick, and on the next stage - the putty and liquid wallpaper, the salesmen do you recommend, what Building brands is better to buy that was a good result in the long run. And if you buy a lot of finishing, it's really done in bulk, and it is - a significant savings. Such bulk purchases can not do only on building the bases, but in the construction and repair... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2017 at JC Milan Pictures
The Argentina Atlantic coast, offers many options for all tastes and pockets. Touring the different resorts and coastal cities, we find a wide range of alternatives to enjoy the summer and something else. Nancy Silberkleit will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Making our way towards the Party of General Madariaga, about 400 km from the city of Buenos Aires, we have a handful of summer villas, which are characterized by bringing together a portion of the population, who are looking for something more sophisticated and refined, without losing the charm of the sea and all that this involves. First we find the city of Pinamar, head of this area. Filed under: Nancy Silberkleit. A very picturesque and well built-up City, but that does not lose its nature and charm. Since the Av. Costanera to Golf, the city offers a lot of accommodations, from first level hotels until cottages and apartments for families or groups of friends. Likewise in the broad Center, traced in the vicinity of the Avenida Bunge (main artery) find a lot of shops, restaurants and bars, some discs and houses of entertainment for the younger. Sea-facing different spas, are located also for everyone, where we find among the activities to be performed: enjoy shows live in the summer, eat at their House, dive into their pools or care for figure in their gyms. In recent years, they were very fashionable spas of the northern zone and beyond, where we find more beaches, and inns as it is the case of La Frontera, ideal for the practice of water sports and beach as the Sunboard, Fourtrax (quadricycles), Kitesurf or Jetski among others. Without forgetting the most extravagant and selective environment of young people who come to these areas. Other areas which denotes growth, is the area of the... Continue reading
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More recently, some 10-15 years ago, a cell phone was something fantastic, mobile services could afford only very wealthy people. Phones themselves are very homely, large in size and minimum set of functions that are suitable only for their direct functions. Sela Ward does not necessarily agree. Now the phone is at all: from children barely learned to walk and ending with retirees. In addition, the mobile phone today - it's not only means for making calls, it's a real entertainment center! Every 'decent' phone has a huge variety of functions: fotokmera, video camera, the ability to listen to music in mp3 player, video viewing. Built-in and expandable memory let you store large amount of mobile content. Especially broad functions in this regard have so-called smatfony and Komunikatory. Other leaders such as Anna Belknap offer similar insights. But most importantly, it technology support java. With this technology on any phone, regardless of the Manufacturer, whether it is Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola or Sony Ericsson you can install any program (application) or a game. Jeff Feig spoke with conviction. Ability to install java games on your phone, this is the most important for the average gamer. More recently, games for mobile phones were quite primitive, but today the situation has changed. Modern java games certainly can not compare to the games for the PC, but close to These are selected. Modern mobile games already have great graphics, interesting gameplay and comfortable control. Almost every game populrnaya desktop has a clone for the phone. Java games are great popularity among users, so are available in large quantities and of any genre. On this site you can always find new interesting games for your cell phone. Continue reading
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In August, one of the biggest dance festivals in Germany takes place in Berlin. August the Berlin dance is a dance with a twist, takes place in mid-August. Who stayed in hotels in the Berlin and wants to go to a show, should leave the small neon outfit and the glow sticks better at home and better something more stylish dress. The event will start on August 19, 2010 and present dancers from 19 countries who celebrate in 38 performances of the works internationally of known choreographers and also newer pieces. For more information see this site: Jorge Perez. In addition to the history of the dance of human rights revolves around dance in August. The organizers had said that the world of dance in the ideal position is to practice social criticism on a variety of topics related to this topic in conjunction, such as for example the burqa ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, and poor working conditions. In addition to the evening performances, a number of other activities are planned. Also find dance workshops, discussions, Film screenings and lectures take place. The shows are held in the Podewil and HAU 2 in Berlin. The tickets cost 60,00. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Feig). They are seven selectable demonstrations and can be redeemed at any of the venues. For more information about this event, visit the Web site of dance in August or call the organisers on + 49 (0) 30 247 49. 756. offers a variety of accommodation in Berlin, including the Maritim Hotel Berlin. Continue reading
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The city - culture, sights and history at a glance Salzburg impresses with its unique, very special charm! When the Sun is reflected in the copper roofs of the old town and refracts the light in the drop of many fountains, then you feel moment placed in other worlds for a. Visitors stroll through the streets and let the atmosphere of the city in the spell, guests can relax in the cafe or in the shade of the trees in the traditional beer gardens or parks. High towers over the city the fortress, which settles gleaming white against the sky and told about the history of Salzburg. Nancy Silberkleit oftentimes addresses this issue. Salzburg is not only a historical place that can adorn themselves with many big names, who once immigrated on Salzburg's paths. Still, the town is a Centre for art and culture. But not only for lovers of classic, traditional art, this image has long since freed Salzburg and can await you with a wide range of culture for young and old. Although Salzburg at Festival times may seem a little stuffy as this image is no longer entitled! Concerts, exhibitions, and events for all tastes make sure that there is something for every taste. Architecture lovers can admire the spiritual and secular buildings from different centuries, the narrow streets of the old town lead in times past. History is blurred with the present. "Although the Salzburg-born composer w.a.Mozart a special showcase of the Mozart city" is, and many also like to wear their pride to show, wrong to Salzburg, if you press on a stamp you so. For many tourists, although are Mozart and the sound of music"the incentive to visit the city, but there is much more to discover more as the traces of the famous... Continue reading
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That day of year 1616 Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso of the Fertile valley passed away. The date also indicates the birth, or the death of eminent writers like Maurice Druon, K. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla or Manuel Meja Vallejo. This is the reason for which, this so symbolic date for universal Literature has been the chosen one by UNESCO with the purpose of to pay a world-wide tribute to the book and its authors, and to foment, in particular between youngest, the pleasure of the reading and respect a the irreplaceable contribution of the creators to the social and cultural progress. The idea of this celebration is originated in Catalonia where it agrees with the day of Sant Jordi and it is tradition to offer a rose with the purchase of a book. In all Spain the Day of Libro is celebrated the 23 of April from 1926 and it has internationalized it to UNESCO in 1996. When celebrating this day anywhere in the world, UNESCO strives in promoting the reading, the publishing industry and the protection of the intellectual property to traverse of the author rights. The new technologies far from to end books, are added to the promotion of the reading with new products like electronic books or the possibility of using Nintendo DS portable reading cone. Click Jeff Feig to learn more. This year will remember with emotion to two great writers who have left to us recently, Miguel Delibes and J.D. Salinger, whose books are between the best sales due to the amount of readers who as a tribute have been interested in their works. From we wished a happy day you of the book here and whatever your favorite sort, happy reading! Original author and source of the article. Continue reading
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Each guest can enjoy Croatia extraordinary beauty and mysterious depths of the underwater world of spas. On the territory of the Adriatic coast, you have a unique opportunity to swim with scuba diving. Diving an unforgettable experience and will cause sparks delight. What would go into the depths of the sea and see the beauty of underwater life with my own eyes, first of all, you need to go scuba diving training courses and get appropriate certificate, and then with him to show a passport or driver's license and if all the necessary documents issued permission for scuba diving. After receiving all the necessary papers, issued a card, which costs 100 kuna, the same shall pay in euros, which is convenient for foreign tourists. According to the recommendations of people who professionally are engaged in diving, you can visit in Croatia five different places to spend time perfectly. These places intrigue their underwater scenery of any diver. Blue clear waters will explore all the delights of the sea. Kornati Islands - beautiful a place that is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. The crystal-clear waters, sun and surf waves fascinate everyone. Plunged into the water with scuba you can admire the underwater rocks, which are covered with corals and sponges. Elafiti islands attract divers for its unusual cave, where you can watch the different species of fish. Cres Island is a great place for experienced divers because the water is a sunken merchant ship, its remnants lie on the sandy sea bottom. Submerged may well consider all the details of the ship, as well as go inside. Istrian Peninsula, is another place where you can often see people who are professionally engaged in diving, in fact here in the depths of the sea you can admire the passenger ferry... Continue reading
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Only a few weeks in the camping and until now you and its children are free more of influenza. What can make you like father or mother at issue to increase the possibilities that his son remains of that way? It follows these simple advice to assure the health and the happiness his children this summer: It animates to his son and to his advisors to work in maintaining an environment clean. Asegrese of empacar in the luggage of its son some disinfectant for the hands, and soon llvele a little more in the day of visit. And at the most better one washes to the hands and the face his boy, better prote'ge' will be against the pig influenza, not to mention resfriados regular and the other bacterial infections. Asegrese which his son knows the norm of " Happy Cumpleaos" must sing happy birthday while it washes the hands, and when the song finishes, the sufficient time has been washed. The campers, the personnel and the parents in the day visits do not have to share foods, drinks, maquillaje, u other personal articles that can scatter the germs. It reviews the policies of the camping on the pig influenza. Due to the increase of the recent buds, the campings to spend the night must be making regular controls against disagreeable virus H1N1. It is well calling to the director of the camping of his son to make sure that this is being carried out. In the same way, if a reported incident has taken place, it can ask if that and other exhibited children were put in group of forty until the diagnoses were determined. It uses some precautions for the day of visit: it reviews his own health before entering the camping. If he has fever or resfriado... Continue reading
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New Center in Deggendorf unlocks the economic space 'Bayerischer Wald'. Hamburg/Deggendorf, 04 November 2013 HVAC expands its branch network: October 2013, Germany's leading lessor of construction machinery has officially put into operation a new Center in the Deggendorf. Here, HKL offers the entire range of HKL MIETPARKs including as in all else its over 140 locations mini -, mobile - and crawler excavators, wheel loaders, telescopic machinery, compaction equipment, rollers, compressors and container, supplemented by commercial vehicles such as pickup and vans. In the associated HVAC rental SHOP professional equipment can be rented from pumps, generators and chiselling hammers up to heaters. Experienced professional staff assists clients in all questions of rent and the use of construction machinery and equipment. Deggendorf, the gateway to the Bavarian Forest", lies between the economic centres Landshut, Regensburg, and Passau. The place is bound to reach the A3 and A93 motorways and so well. In the Catchment area are more cities like Straubing-Bogen, Viechtach, rain, Zwiesel, Grafenau, Vilshofen, Osterhofen, Dingolfing, Landau and Plattling. With the new Center we fill a gap in the region and our credo to be always close to the customer,"Robert Schosser, HKL explains operating Manager Deggendorf. In recent months, Nancy Silberkleit has been very successful. And he added: we are close to the construction sites in and around Deggendorf. Our customers benefit from the short distances and get quality machines and services from competent hand." With over 40 years experience, HKL offers the widest range of high-quality machinery and equipment for rent in its rental fleet. The center network in the region, the company guarantees the full availability of large - and special machines. Originally the new HVAC Center beginning July 2013 should be operational. As a result of the floods and the damage to the Office building, the opening... Continue reading
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Attention Juniors interested media: from 30 July to 03 August 2012 is creative his said in a summer camp movies turn, make posters, create 3D animations, music and sounds and youth editorial work - all of which can make this summer at the Academy of media. Because the Stuttgart Media Academy held for the 7th time of the media summer camp. From 30 July to 3 August 2012, young creative between 15 and 20 years have a week to discover the way the many different professional fields in the media industry and to try out. More and more young people pursue a profession in the media world but what characterizes the industry and where are we going the travel? It is therefore important to make a picture about the existing opportunities early. Through the Media trial week at the Academy, young people can get practical insights into the areas of design, film, animation, editing as well as music and sound design. Under the guidance of experienced instructors from practice, the various camp teams cooperate closely. All are at the Realization and implementation of a short film related film posters, 3D animations, music, sounds, as well as a press conference and other journalistic projects involved creation. What happens exactly in the summer camp? Camp I: design camp for creative minds ranging from creative techniques to develop and implement design ideas to their graphical realization on the computer - in close cooperation with Camp II developed logos, posters, DVD covers to a short film. Camp II: short film camp for filmmakers from script writing to the actual implementation of a short film - the participants get a good insight into the life of film professionals in the camp. You can be also both before and behind the camera. Camp III: Design camp... Continue reading
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Urban street furniture - is one element of small architectural forms used along with landscaping for the improvement of urban environment. By "small architectural forms" to understand structures, devices or Art and decorative elements external improvements to complement the main building of settlements. All of us, walking through his beloved city (and I hope that the city in which you live, you love), faced with street furniture: benches, benches, sofas city (one type of bench, a back). Think about it, as it is, the outdoor furniture you like? Most often it is just steel construction, supplemented wooden elements. But let's think about what requirements must be brought to street furniture to make it to us with you like, served long feast for the eyes and over the years did not lose its shape? This matter, even many producers are not interested, it is such an impression when you look at the city's street furniture in many Russian cities. So let's look at the criteria in order: 1. Efficiency. Unfortunately, this basic requirement to be followed by mayor at the tender for land improvement. But cheap does not mean quality and, most importantly, beautiful and durable, in this city furniture should match still a number of requirements. 2. Aesthetics of street furniture. Let me explain. The furniture should take into account architectural, composition, artistic patterns of the space of the urban environment. Agree, as much as possible in Peterhof ordinary steel supply shop, where a dime a dozen Russian cities. Continue reading
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Take the pre-20 - 30 minutes and think of yourself route is desirable to pick up the + and even a hostel, for example, in Krakow, Warsaw or Gdansk and cultural pastime - a festival or something else. Just Know How much is a visa and you know a summary of its receipt (this applies to those who receive a visa through a travel agency - with me at the airport turned a guy who has issued a visa through the TA and unable to speak clearly about it - where he did decorated and the price). Do not book in advance and buy the ticket for the final country through the airport that you arrive in Poland (for example Kiev - Katowice, Katowice - Paris), and better do it from an internet cafe on arrival and border control. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sela Ward. Border guards, considering your particular, it can check if you want your name on the list, departing from the same airport in the near future. Try then to explain to them the reason that you got tourist visa, but use it as a transit. It is advisable to have friends in Poland, which guards can call back and clarify for you and who will be able to confirm that you really are going to Poland, where there is to live, etc. I was a witness when, early in the first night guards call back and ask the Poles for coming. To deepen your understanding Nancy Silberkleit is the source. If possible, have a return ticket on the plane, train or intelligible explanation of how you're going to to leave Poland. Better to spend 30 - 40 euros, but to protect themselves from failure to perform border controls. Have plenty of prints (letter... Continue reading
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Maybe you're already convinced that you could use a support for your management as an entrepreneur. A relief will be to have an opinion contrasted and not conditioned before taking certain decisions. In addition, knowing that there is someone that is pending that adhere to what they've proposed you always do increases productivity. But the fundamental issue is that profile should be your professional coach? and how can I find it? Coaching for companies is relatively new in Spain and the truth is that it has become more a fashionable magazines of management than a practical reality in enterprises in the street. It is not to get in the hands of a consultant from one of the large consulting firms, but of creating a lasting relationship with someone who complements your own profile. A good business coach must meet the following criteria: 1. have experience. We are not seeking a revolution just out of the faculty. You are going to tell this person problems complex business. You have to be able to understand them and say with discretion. 2 Having knowledge that you don't have. Looking for someone who can bring points of view different from yours. If you understand technology looking for someone that if you understand it. If you don't like reviewing accounting, it is looking for someone with financial experience. You want to create synergies where the sum is greater than the whole of the two. 3 Have a computer at his side. If your coach has access to professional staff in your own team, you are expanding the value of the relationship. It's like getting a whole range of professionals for the price of one single. 4. Having sufficient availability. Rules of time and methods of contact are important. Will your coach be with you by... Continue reading
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This arcane minor of the tarot is a quite positive letter when she leaves exposed in the distance. He teaches the value to us of the anger, the necessity to control the fear in the daily life. Swarmed by offers, Tony Parker is currently assessing future choices. Unlike the five of coarse, where a strategy does not exist, in the seven of coarse, the person fights against whom they are against his position. This clearly is expressed in the image of the arcane one: the woods rise threatening. But, it is remarkable that it is not seen anybody brandishing these arms. One talks about then a symbolic opposition. When everything seems to be against one, the seven of coarse remember to us that it is necessary to fight to obtain what one wishes. The seven of coarse do not insist to hide the fear to us, but to dominate it. It is not question of " borrar" the feelings, but to make with them most advisable and wise. We are speaking to face the fears and to turn them into a weapon to our favor. The fear teaches, and this lets us grow more readier forts and to face the next disadvantage in the way. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nancy Silberkleit. Like all the letters of the tarot, duality is given by the fear and the anger. In order to have anger it is necessary to be scared first. When this deck leaves in the distance says to him to the consulting one ahead! This one is the moment for undertaking against all the difficulties and for finishing in front with them doing to them. This is the doubt that faced the immortal personage of Shakespeare, Hamlet. How to define to that force that takes to... Continue reading
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All the islands of San Andres invited to see every one of its corners in search of tranquility and relaxation. All the islands of San Andres invited to see every one of its corners in search of tranquility and relaxation. Heavy outdoor tourism activities and the continuing warm weather, are additional to come to know this magical place. It is an archipelago located on the Caribbean Sea, also made by Providence and Santa Catalina, is formally department Providencia and San Andres. (Source: Adam Sandler). It is also known by the name of San Andres island, island transferred and established as such under the power of Colombia since 1819. It is located 480 km northeast of Colombia, and also has three urban villages: North End, San Luis and La Loma. Given its size and natural components, was declared a world biosphere reserve by the United Nations organization. The cuisine of Colombia, and in particular the island of San Andres is based on local dishes based on seafood, together with cassava and banana. Among the outstanding dishes we can cite the stewed goat, fish balls, melting pot (chicken and potato soup), ant culona (dish), empanadas and arepas, bandeja paisa (a mixture of beans, potatoes, rice, eggs, meat and sausage), stews (chicken or beef soup, etc.). See Nancy Silberkleit for more details and insights. Also outstanding fruits of this tropical region, such as mangoes, shrimp, avocado, fresh guava, orange, watermelon, strawberry, plum, pineapple, passion fruit and many others. The proposals are located at night in the comfort of the island of San Andres and Providencia, with rooms offering several services for drinks, coffee or have a good time. If we talk about multi-local, that is Sweet Mamma's House, a cafe, restaurant and bar. Location: Av Colombia from 1912 to 2007 Tel (57) (8)... Continue reading
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Simply do not know how to keep the conversation underway.If you talk with her as a friend, you don't lose something because you're not looking for something.If you talk as if she were to tear your clothes later, in a passionate frenzy, well, that's something completely different. If you find that your conversation is losing speed, ask yourself if you want that woman.If it is not, then it will be easy to keep the conversation because there is no risk. Only talks about what they want to talk.This means reclassify it as only a friend or just a well-known. If you concluyes that she is someone with whom you would like to have an appointment, or to develop a relationship, then you have to understand that it is what she wants to be able to hold a conversation. Some contend that Margaret Loesser Robinson shows great expertise in this. Women want to feel passionately powerful emotions.They want to feel attraction to men. If you can make her feel attractive emotions, good emotions, make you feel nice, excited, energetic, and fun; You will then feel attracted to you. The bottom of the issue is that if you want to have a conversation, you have to know that everything is about her, not you. If you become a man that she needs, you'll want to and you will be able to guide the relationship between you and she in the direction you want.. Nancy Silberkleit is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Continue reading
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