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F%$K Wright, he's done in Miami, lets not dwell on him, move on, trade the B%$@H.....
Blount was dead weight. The way to look at it is that we got a player for $1.5M, with huge upside, assuming he comes back in shape and motivated. I think Wade had a lot to do with this, and for the price, it's no brainer. Either way, we can always use him as trade bait with the expiring contract. Hopefully, this pushes Beasley where he belongs at the PF spot.
I agree with Josh, I think Cook is better then those other two.
I love Rileys but I hope you are right... He's been know for starting the vets over the young guys.
If Beasley doesn't start at PF, then we're giving away the season. With Beasley in the lineup the Heat go deeper in the playoff and develop Beasley at the same time, it definitely would give other teams a run for their money.
JB if the plan is to have Beasley at the PF and Q-Rich at SF, then I think the Heat has just made an improvement without hurting the cap space for next year. Beasley at SF was not going to work anyways, but if Spo doesn't start him ahead of Haslem then this trade is for nothing.
Patience gentlemen, Riley is working his majic. Before the end of the trade deadline, Bosh, will be in Miami. As far as a PG, I was thinking about CP3, but as much as I would love that it's not going to happen. Any idea on who will be available and who will be a good fit for the heat at PG. I like Chalmers, but I'm not sure about him at a starter.
Shane Battier it's not the answer and neither is Boozer for Beasley...Bosh comes to Miami before the trade deadline...
I'm just as frustrated as anyone with the fact that LO didn't sign with the Heat, but we all knew that was a possibility and you have to admit it would be hard to leave what he had in LA, business ventures, a team that have a good chance at the Championship. Can't really blame the guy. Riley made an honest effort, we move on. It's disappointing for us, but there is something in the works, we just have to have patience.
I think the only one that can really help us would be Chris Bosh and that's who Riley is going after. Boozer would be a great addition for one year, but it all depends on the Jazz like JB said and how despereate they get. If we can get him that will be a good addition and we might be able to use him in a trade, not sure how that will work out. Out of the ones Ira mentioned, I agree with doc, only Joe Johnson, the rest are not really going to be that significant as to take the Heat to the Finals.