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thank you! simple as that!
read article above; rinse, repeat
read article above
it's also a PMS drug, as mentioned in article above
If you aren't a woman, which clearly you are not, you have no business spewing ignorance.
they aren't in danger of doing so
no she didn't. read above article; repeat if necessary
the truth is the truth; it was obviously followed up on and investigated, and it was rx for PMS by her doctor.
you are incorrect, Can you not read the above article? she is not in trouble, she wasn't intentionally doping (hardly) like some of the other scum you mention. She proved the source of the testing, through her primary care physician. Therefore, she is not in trouble. She did nothing wrong.
read the above article before you comment. PMS medication as rx by her doctor. Not diet pills.
ignorance! it is all in the article people. She is not getting banned. She's not on steroids, or taking performance enhancing substances. Most sad is that her private life, and what she was taking meds for, had to be put out in public, it's not our business. So, the specific PMS drug given, as it would make sense, is a diruetic. How is that gonna help enhance the performance of a SOCCER player? It would merely dehydrate her and have her running to the bathroom. Perhaps this substance would raise some eyebrows in the wrestling world or in a sport like gymnastics; laughable in the sport of soccer. Pissing must be a real advantage upon the opponent! LOL
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Jul 12, 2012