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Actor, author, and geek activist Wil Wheaton was caught on camera by paparazzi today holding what appeared to be seven blue-skinned, catatonic midgets in Santa hats. When questioned about the bizarre scene, the former Star Trek: The Next Generation star responded with a glassy-eyed "No comment." Sources close to Mr. Wheaton reported that he had been acting strangely for several weeks now, spending a great deal of time in the forest wearing nothing but red pants and a stocking cap, his skin turned temporarily blue from the cold. He was said to be attempting to construct a house out of mushrooms and muttering spells in an odd tongue. His wife confided to channel 89 news that her husband had also recently begun replacing every verb with variations of the word "smurf." More to follow as the story unfolds.
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Had no idea you were in RDR. Awesome. I have it sitting in my messenger bag, taunting me. 3 more hours of work to go...
Toggle Commented May 18, 2010 on From the Vault: "Foster is down!" at WWdN: In Exile
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Laptops like Dell's tend to suck in a lot of dust. Over time it builds up and makes a film around the air vents that let the fan blow the hot air out of the case. The get blocked and it causes overheating. Disassembly and cleaning shouldn't be hard for your brother. Unless of course it's a problem with the thermal compound but I doubt it. You can also buy a USB powered fan-pad to set it on.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on The Ghost In The Machine at Inverse Candlelight
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Mar 18, 2010