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Ed, sorry to tell you, but what you were describing has nothing to do with Apple. 1) Your daughter's iPod can connect to any PC that has iTunes (Mac or Windows based). Since you said that she downloaded music from iTunes on your wife's PC, she would be able to connect that iPod to your wife's PC. 2) The 5 computer limit is an old DRM system. iTunes music used to come with a limit of 5 active computers to play the purchased content. They ditched this a few years back. So, the music your daughter downloaded is able to transfer to your computer easily. There are a few ways to do that. 3) You can "forward" those tunes between your computer and your wife's by simply turning on home sharing in iTunes and copy pasting them from her library to yours. Literally, two clicks. 4) I am making the assumption that you are both using iTunes to manage your music. Since you claim your daughter purchased music from Apple and synced with your computer, then my assumption should be fact.
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Benefits are made up by marketers? Let's say I developed a new car that had an energy efficiency that lowers my gas consumption by 50%. If that cost wasn't a "problem" to me then with your claim, what "problem" is being solved. It's pretty clear that a benefit is "lower cost to drive" "cheaper commute" etc.
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Not sure how ground breaking this is. Really what you are saying is the people buy on benefits, not features.
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I disagree with you on this one. While Facebook is cool, relevant and changing the web, I believe Time should have picked Julian Assange. I'll reserve my opinions of WikiLeaks and Assange as they are irrelevant to this argument, but he has made such a larger impact in the world of news than Zuckerberg. Remember, this isn't an "award" on "who did something good or great" it's about the person's impact (positive or negative) on the world. Noone has done anything like what Assange has done.
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Dec 18, 2010