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Harri, no need to apologize, a lot of people dont' realize how fast Chambers is. His route running leaves something to be desired, but he can run. And jump like a mofo. But when you have Fiedler throwing to you at the beginning of your career, you're worried about outrunning your QBs arm ... after ten yards. Even when you had an inaccurate gun arm like Frerotte, he had a monster year.
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First off, Chris is fast. He's not Ted Ginn fast, but he is a burner so to speak. 4.31 40 at the combine is not fast anymore? Second, yes he had some inconsistent catching problems. But if you drop 8 easy passes, but make 8 catches nobody in their imagination could make, it's a fair wash. Although if he made those8 easy ones, he'd be that much better. Finally, I think it's something in the air in Miami, but as soon as Chris left, he didn't have the dropsies. Only had 4 last year, 8 the year before. The year before, Miami had Chris, Hagan and McMike on Stats LLC list of most drops. Last year? No Chambers. Guess who's on there though? marty good hands booker.
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Armando, how about some fact checking next time? "Anyway, I believe if the Chargers offer a second-round pick for Taylor, Bill Parcells will deal him immediately." Yeah, too bad the Patriots are holding their 2009 2nd round pick. Chargers traded it to the Pats for the Pats 3rd, which they used to draft Jacob Hester.
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