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JD DMichael
Everett, WA
There aren't enough curse words in the english language to describe me...
Interests: Stuff, things, and the occasional whatchamacallit....
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The most frustrating thing about writing, at least for me, is that I rarely generate ideas in an sort of logical, linear order. I have numerous concepts bouncing around in my head that I've dealt with for months now, but they are often just elongated scenes, often well into a story. It would be like having this image of a spaceship with X configured wings, flying down a huge artificial canyon on the side of a massive space station, firing torpedoes into an exhaust port and then zooming away as the space station explodes, and then trying to formulate an entire story that leads to, and justifies, that one scene. Of course, maybe that is how writers work. I honestly don't know. I've frequently discovered that in all of my various creative pursuits (whether painting or writing or sketching), I have an enormous amount of baggage about how I assume it is supposed to be done, and anyone (me) that takes an alternate path to the desired result, is a complete and total fraud. You grow up as a kid watching Bob Ross squirt out these wonderful paintings without any apparently prep or shortcuts, and it is hard not to believe that form of assisted success (creative short-cut or creative problem solving) is just the behavior of a talentless faker.
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Excited to hear that you are diving into some Doctor Who. I absolutely adore the Tennant years (I really appreciate the emotional nature of the writing), but I honestly think that Matt Smith is turning out to be an absolutely fantastic Doctor in his own right. I think it would be so win if you appeared on DW... Honestly... It would be win.
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Wil, methinks you should use some burrito money for a whole mess of socks. Feed the sock burrito!
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I know I am a gutter-minded simpleton sometimes, but I can't help but wonder if the comment just prior to the photo was something like "Okay, both of you grab your balls and look really menacing at each other"... Of course, I imagine the level of set-pic disruption humor is better than that, but that is all I could come up with off the top of my head.
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Mar 18, 2010