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This is nonsense. Doesn't anyone know the meaning of the word VOLUNTARY? JT is not breaking any rules here. Throughout his career, he has PROVEN that he always comes to camp in shape and ready to go from the day that camp opens. Therby, EARNING the right to miss these workouts. Furthermore, the argument about learning a new defense does not hold water. After 10 or 11 yrs in the league and 3 or 4 Def Coordinators, there are not too many schemes that he has not seen. In addition, he is a smart guy and a helluva athlete, so it will not take long for him to adjust to whatever scheme we decide to run. Especially when you take into account that our coach has not committed to a defensive scheme as yet. As far as setting an example, there is not one player on our roster, even the recent FA signees, who haven't seen what JT can do on the field. For those who don't know, they'll find out once MANDATORY workouts begin. WE, the fans, and the entire DOLPHIN organiztion need to pay JT some respect. I'll have to lay this continually disrespect firm in H. Wayne's lap. First, he pushed Shula aside in favor of Jimmy. Then, he allowed Wanstache to unceremoniusly usher Dan out the door and know it seems as though he will allow Parcells to do the same to JT. It is no small wonder that this once proud franchise has become the laughing stock of the NFL. There is an old proverb that states "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." As the head of the organization, it is up to H. Wayne to set the tone and the corporate culture. His laissez-faire attitude has allowed the inmates to run the asylum. It is time for him to step up and make a statement that management is firmly behind treating its players and create an environment that has every NFL player and every free agent chomping at the bit at the prospect of becoming a Miami Dolphin. Take the Cowboys for instance, it was not that long ago that they were losing too. Jerry steps up, makes a committment to his players. He supports them through the good and the bad. He tellls the FA who have bad reps "I don't care what you did with that other team, this is how we do it in Dallas. If you can do things our way, we'd love to have you." As a result, all most every prominent Free agent has Dallas high on their list of prospective teams. In short, the tone is set at the top and flows done through the ranks. As great as he is and despite the amount of power his position holds, Parcells is not at the top of the Dolphins. That spot is held by H. Wayne Huzienga and if he desires to win a championship, it is time that he sets a tone that leads to a championship environment.
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