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J David
Dallas, TX
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Re:"wow you beat a team without their top 3 guys and you are back. please stop all this bs I am going to be sick. U still suck. Barely beat FSu that lost to BC. How pathetic is that. OU would have beat you down worse than vt if all three of thier studs were healthy and playing. Stop the non sence." - Pedro First of all Pedro, you spell like a third grader. Most browsers have spell check built in; those little squiggles mean you made a mistake. Maybe you are just used to them and ignore them. It just makes it really hard to read and understand your nonsense comments (look at how nonsense is spelled... idiot...). As for your comments, lets start with FSU. They are a tough team to read. One week their offense obliterates someone, the next they look like stale moldy bread. I'm sure the inconsistency is brutal for their fans. But if I'm a gator fan (I don't know if you are one, or you are just a troll), I am not getting overconfident, because if they put up 40+, we will have ourselves a game. Then you say OU is without "thier studs." (Maybe you are dyslexic; I'm sorry if you can't help it) Well, Miami was without a ton of their defensive studs (Randy Phillips, Adewale Ojomo, JoJo Nicolas, Dyron Dye). You see, two can play that game. In fact, I don't know if Bradford even makes that spectacular throw in the first quarter for THEIR TD; that was a hell of a throw. At any rate, go canes!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2009 on Grading the Canes: OU Report Card at Eye on the U
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