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Did henne have some bad plays the other night? Yes. Did other guys have some bad plays the other night? Yes. It was the first preseason game, where there wasn't a gameplan. Since Marshall and Bush were both sitting on the sideline, it put our 2 most dangerous weapons out of commission and Atlanta didn't have to worry about them. Would I have preferred a sharper performance, you bet. But, i'm just hoping that as a team we get more consistent all the way around as the preseason goes on. I'd like to see Armando's work if he didn't have his two most weapons, the internet and the cell phone. I'm sure it'd be different for him as well.
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is matt moore going to be the starter, no. he's being brought in because we have to get another qb in camp to throw passes. maybe he can be the 3rd stringer, i doubt it. the orton deal is probably off for a couple of weeks, after the dolphins can observe henne to see how he's progressing, and the broncos can observe tebow to see how he's progressing and they'll reevaluate at that time.
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thanks for the updates
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it appears white is practicing, glad mando was right
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it'll be interesting to see how this pat white situation shakes out, clearly somebody has some bad info on him. either he's out for a long time or he'll be practicing today. hopefully he practices
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I see the dolphins just signed marques douglas from the jets
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Jul 23, 2010