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Since there seems to be a slight misunderstanding here.... The City of Rancho Cucamonga has an agreement with the county of San Bernardino Sheriff's office to provide and act as its police. They seem to do a pretty good job, too. There is also a rather large mosque on Baseline a bit west of Hellman. {^_^}
It's really a shame that it takes Egyptian-Americans to show the rest of us how to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, the Washington Post is pathetically obviously pro-Obama and Obama and his heavily Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated administration are pro-Muslim Brotherhood. So, of course, the WaPo has to follow and cheer lead for the MB. {^_^}
I have a bad feeling about this... Aren't most doctors and nurses in Britain Muslims? I'd rather they were treated in the US where there are still a few real doctors. {O.O}
re "Face_The_Truth" - - - snicker. Islam is humanity's extinction pact. {^_^}
If she is still on the government payroll it is easier to yank her in to confront Congressional investigations. This is actually a good thing. {^_^}
Give him credit for the way he's grown. At least his mind is not frozen in stasis like most of our liberal politicians. {^_^}
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2013 on Beckel vs. Beckel at Atlas Shrugs
Theresa Sparks seems to have tossed most of the LBGT crowd under the bus. It may be easy to get a boy to girl surgery in Iran. My understanding is that the other direction is utterly out of the question. And to top that off she obviously does not think the lesbians, bisexuals, or gays matter. Only her precious boy to girl transsexuals matter. She's loyal to her own, I suppose. But the others are discovering the hangings and stones that rest under her bus. Shame Shame Shame on her. That creature is a very bad creature. {^_^}
Grover Norquist has done more to destroy the Republican party than any Democrat alive. {^_^}
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2013 on #StandWithPamelaGeller at Atlas Shrugs
Do the boys in class get to beat the girls? That's a very Muslim thing to do, too. {^_^}
"70% of Muslims in America support multiple wives...." Is this strictly speaking correct? Isn't it more likely that 70% of Muslim men in America are supported by the single mother benefits of their wives? They're too pussy to actually work for a living. They're to busy being like Mohammed and dressing up in their favorite wife's clothing. {^_^}
Yes, racism was responsible. The racism of Muslims against all others. {^_^}
What I do not know is how much Perry himself had to do with this directly and how much he personally approved. He's an excellent candidate in any other regard. And to be realistic about it, if not him, we get Super-RINO Romney, unelectable Bachmann, or heaven forbid Paul. Ryan is not an option. He's too valuable where he is and he can't expand out of his base. Palin could do the job. She'd be a dream candidate for Obama given all the left wing preconfigured hate buttons that exists. Can we educate this fellow quickly enough? Can we even reach him? {^_^}
"Hamze tells the Pulp he thinks West's use of "NUTS!" is likely a reference to the phrase of World War II lore, which translates to "go to hell."" 1) If he thinks any even modestly educated American needs that point made, he is indeed "nuts." 2) The meaning is not go to hell. It's more like, "Go to away you stupid nutcase! You're too dumb to that you're being silly." We did prevail. And General McAuliffe prevailed. He was not beaten. He held off until reinforcements arrived. We shall prevail again. {^_^}
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2011 on West to Hamas-Linked CAIR: "Nuts!" at Atlas Shrugs
When you are heavily into debt your creditors start telling you how you can spend your money and what you can do. We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. {^_^}
Um, I'm OK with their keeping their head coverings if they strip from the neck down instead. {o.o}
"Well, gee, Pakistan is their nation. Let them do what they want," cries the convenient idiot progressive. What said convenient idiot progressive does not quite understand is that Muslims consider any place that they or another Muslim has been to be part of their territory. They want to do this TO US in OUR COUNTRY. The sooner the kool-aid-idiots recognize this the better for all. {o.o}
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Mumbai vs. Oslo at Atlas Shrugs
Just maybe their culture needs to be marginalized just a tad farther, perhaps into tiny minority status. {^_^}
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Jihad in China at Atlas Shrugs
It's all really simple, you know. Gadhafi was not working hard enough and fast enough to deconstruct (physically) Western (European) civilization. {^_^}
He MUST lose his current job. And it's been fun watching him self-destruct. But, I'm still humane enough to feel sorry for the poor fellow for what his extreme chutzpah lead him to do every step of the way. Even when it's a train that needs wrecking I still wince when the actual wreck takes place. He should take some time off, grow up, become a responsible adult, and who knows but maybe all that would make him a Republican? He needs a time out from public office to learn a little humility. (So do all too many politicians.) {^_^}
I'd rather see Israel get the 1923 borders. However, that is a little impractical. So either let Israel carve out what she wants from the 1923 mandate or simply accept the '67 borders from the 31st of December. {^_^}
On day one Obama was in violation of both the War Powers Act and the Constitution of the United States of America. He may commit troops only in case of a declaration of war (by the House), statutory action (House and Senate), or in the event the US is attacked and Congress cannot meet. Only the House can declare war. That did not happen. Only the House and Senate may statutorily authorize troops to be deployed and used. That did not happen. And Libya was not attacking us, Congress was fully able to meet and declare war, the Senate was fully able to meet and vote on a statutory write to deploy troops. So he violated all three provisions under which he may commit troops. The 60 days never happened because we were not under attack by Libya. I do not expect him to back down today, or in 30 days. Sadly, I do not expect the House will impeach him and pass it to the Senate for conviction. That means we no longer have a Constitution. Our founding fathers are probably spinning in their graves about 150,000 revolutions per second. {^_^}
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Day 60 at Atlas Shrugs
I just love it when Hussein gets told to F off and Die. And he smiled. I wonder if he knows precisely what Netanyahu told in in Diplomatic Speech. {^_^}
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Netanyahu Sets Obama Straight at Atlas Shrugs
Well, the US set the standard for ignoring illegal alien entries across our borders. By what right does Israel have to go beyond the American Standard (of abject stupidity) and try to remove the invaders let alone killing them? I am getting VERY tired of the Muslim nations. Kill enough of them and they'll stop trying to kill us. It worked in WW-II. It could work again. {^_^}
And that would be the pictures of the dead Osama, the long form death certificate. {^_-}
I would like to see the long form death certificate. If people have queasy stomachs they do not need to view it. But I do want it available. Do we have to drag Trump back up out of his swamp to get it? {^_^}