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Matt, First of all, the comment box is wonky (VERY wide) on Safari on a 24" iMac. Second, I sympathize. I recently bought an Aspire One netbook for a single task that I need to perform under Windows. I now use it as my "TV watching machine". The thing is driving me fucking insane. First of all, there are the incessant pop-up reminders and warnings. Second, McAfee seems to control the system. It's as if it's McAfee Windows, not Microsoft Windows. I keep trying to remove the McAfree toolbar from Internet Explorer (why do I need it?) and it keeps re-installing itself. SO FUCKING STUPID. When McAfee asks if I want to update it, there's no way to say "no, and don't ever ask again". But it's not just McAfee. It's the entire system. It's as if it's intentionally user-hostile. I used to consider myself platform agnostic. I would use Mac, Windows, or Linux without complain. Not anymore. After several years spending most of my time in OS X, I can't imagine going back to Windows. On the Mac, I can just do stuff. I never worry about the operating system getting in my way. Things just work. I know I sound like some sort of lame Mac evangelist, and that's not really true. Macs have their problems, too. But man, working with Windows recently has been like pulling teeth.
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