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First off, I've been a UM fan for 22 years. I live in SW FL, and I've been to countless games in the OB. I've been a fan during their late 80s/early 90s heyday, through their days on probation, all the way back to their return to dominance at the beginning of this millenium. I think I'm qualified to speak out about the situation as a fan giving his opinion. It's been a long, long time since I've been this frustrated at the football team's performance. However, one thing is really bothering me this season (other than the 5-4 record). That is the lack of support and loyalty the fans are showing to the program. I agree that something needs to be done to Coker and his staff. However, every potential replacement coach and recruit has to be watching this stuff unfold. I know if I were a star recruit, I'd probably think twice about playing for a school that can't fill up it's home stadium against a ranked rival. If I were a potential replacement coach, I'd probably think long and hard about the pressure at a school like UM, and what it takes to please the fans there. Like it or not, Coker has put up impressive #s. The media points that out and doesn't care if he did it with Butch Davis' recruits or his own, they still point out his impressive W/L record. That being said, I still feel that Paul Dee and Larry Coker need to go. Coker-coached teams continue to get worse every year, and Coker recruits continue to regress and/or not improve every year. UM needs to cut ties and move on as quickly as possible before all the coaches/recruits are gone to other schools. Another problem I have is the classless treatment of Kyle Wright's dad last week. What dad wouldn't stick up for his kid in that situation? Say what you want about Wright not living up to expectations or his predecessors. It's not all his fault. He's not being developed like his predecessors were, and like others here have already posted, QBs before him had much better teams around them. Kyle Wright has the tools to be great, they're just not being sharpened. I would be scared for my life if I were Wright, he get's less than 1 second on average to pass the ball and he's got receivers that have butter on their gloves and absolutely no heart (other than Shields). Wright and the RBs are the only bright spots on the offense. I guess I'm saying all this to say that Miami fans need to "man-up" and support the team regardless. The cry-baby image UM fans have created this year is making us all look like fair weather fans. Just my opinion, take it or leave it, I really don't care. ------------------------------------------ Go 'Canes.
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