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Jean Katz
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Chuck Hagel has made a phenomenal total reversal of his views on several major issues. But in 2013, the Road to Damascus is too perilous to accept pretend conversions. If pressed by Senator Marco Rubio on this issue he will very likely switch his views completely. But I hope Senator Rubio will have the political courage to do the right thing and filabuster this huge threat to American security.
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Maximizing freedom isn't the only conservative value enhanced by allowing civil marriage for same-gender couples. It will promote stability, responsibility and commitment -- family values that we often encourage in public policy. Marriage encourages people to think beyond their own needs, to create loving households, to build a support network so people can be cared for in sickness, old age and hard times.
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As former Vice President Dick Cheney noted in explaining why he supports civil marriage for all American couples, "freedom means freedom for everyone." He's right. What freedom is more basic and personal than the right to marry the person you love? If we are serious in our belief that every citizen is endowed by his or her creator with the right to pursue happiness, then how can this not include the freedom to marry? What could be more central to a person's happiness? And alternatively, if we want a smaller, less obtrusive government, shouldn't individuals and not politicians decide who they can marry?
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Jun 8, 2012