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We live surrounded by digital devices, I guess it's not bad to actualy know what is code, what it's useful for and to understand the logic of it. Doesn't any car owner need to know a little what's in his car ? I guess knowing about plumbing wouldn't be a bad idea too, even if I have no idea of it. If people just consume thing, and never make them, they end up "proletarized" (Marx), meaning they have no personnal control (or illusion of control, that is sufficient) on anything, they don't actualy own their life, they are slaves, without the comfort of being taken care of. Therefore, even if NY mayor statement doesn't mean much than if he'd have say "This year I wish to learn spanish or italian", I think a culture of coding can be a good thing to learn at school. It's important for the professional too, because it makes the amator able to explain better what he wants.
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Je prends parfois le train tôt depuis ma Banlieue, pour être à Rennes ou au Havre à 9h du matin. Et il m'est arrivé de prendre le train encore plus tôt, le train des gens qui partent de Mantes-la-Jolie vers 04:30. J'ai remarqué que ce train n'était pas vide : dedans se trouvent les gens qui vont nettoyer les bureaux, je pense. Il est probable que la plupart ne soient pas français et je parie même que beaucoup n'ont pas de papiers en règle. Je me demande si les électeurs de Marine Le Pen auront envie de prendre leur boulot.
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May 3, 2012