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Very scrummy looking- great colours!
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Welcome back! A great, colourful bracelet- I look forward to seeing everything else you post over the coming weeks.
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Love them! You make great sets so keep on making them. The crystals look so nice with the silver.
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Great bracelets- and a great idea- fancy submitting it as a project???!?!?!
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A lovely piece- simple, sophisticated and elegant- very covetable!
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I really like this! orange can be so garish and strong so I really like the way you've toned it down with the other colours, made it a lot softer and appealing.
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I like the contast between the shiny and the dark- but agree with Jen that it may come together more if it was all oxidised- get that LOS out!
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Love it- and I can verify it looks fantastic when worn!
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That's beautiful- great colours and design. Wish ! was 1/100 as good at polymer clay.
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What a great piece- and very inspiring. i bought that book in October and forgot all about it. You've inspired me to dig it out and have a go- and finegrs crossed it will be half as nice as yours"
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what a beautiful piece- a very elegant and 'simple' design- in a good way!
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2007 on Chamomile Ring at CWJs...'Year of Jewelry' 2007
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I love the bead you used in the piece, and your own ones are great too. I'm always in awe of people who do lampwork so don't just compare your work to anyone else's, take a step back and admire it on it's own merits, and I hope you'll see them differently.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2007 on Week 01 -Remy at Four Seasons of Jewelry '06-'07
I just had to echo what everyone one else was saying- that is a fabulous piece- and I am completely jealous!
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yep- one thousand of them- I had to set up a little production line which saved me a lot of time and effort by not switching tools all the time- so I threaded beads onto a few hundred, then turned the loop on them, then wrapped them all, then cut all the wires and then neaten the wires- and then start again on the next 200! I'm pleased though as it was one of those projects on my to do list- and had been there for years so I'm glad to have finally done it- and I love the colours so am really pleased with it.
I really like this- strong lines and great way to frame and show of those beads
wow- gorgeous - beautiful work and a lovely choice of focal bead- can't wait to see it in real life. I tell you what- lend it to me and I'll let you know if I want it dipped- how's that for being helpful?!
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2005 on Jusmall/Julie - autumn at Four Seasons of Jewelry
Thanks for the comments- the earrings were made by simply adding suspending the centrepiece from jump rings and an earring finding. Yep the bead is polymer clay- I fell in love with it when I saw it but have no idea who I bought it from or who made it! Jean
I love this! my piece this week has the same maille in it so it's nice to see someone else's version of it. I'm also in the UK and got my clasp from the covent garden bead shop and it works quite well on the piece. It's a great maille isn't it- very slinky!
Thanks!!!! I really like this. I love the contrast between the open lacy look of the wire crochet and the cluster of pearls on the other side. It's nice to see something asymmetrical also. Jean
I agree with the other comments, especially those on the colours you've sued. They go great together and look really pleasing to the eye. I find choosing and mixing colours one of the trickiest things so well done for getting it so right on this piece! Jean
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2005 on Eni inspired pendant at Four Seasons of Jewelry
I really like this and well done for fighting that symmetrical urge! I know how hard that can be but you did it and the piece looks great. Jean
Thanks to all for all the lovely comments. I've answered any questions below: Kim asked: Did you stamp it or use a reverse mold? It was done using a rubber stamp- took a few attempts to get a nice image but once it was baked and had shrunk, the detail really popped out Randi asked: I'm wondering... what is the clasp you used on this?? Donna asked:What does the clasp look like? I've put a new image up of the clasp. Unfortunatelyt this is where the piece falls down a bit. I really struggled with choosing a clasp and in the end went with a 5-loop slider clasp. I chose this as it fit the quite large width of the bracelet, unlike more of the other clasps I tried which looked too small, kept the rings separate to keep the maille flat, unlike a slider bar with no rings, and wasn't too ornate so it didn't distract like some other 5-strand fancier clasps I had. I'm not entirely happy with the choice but it was the best I had. I am still looking out for something better though I feel I will end up making a clasp and am trying to decide how best to do this! Julie wrote: This looks gorgeous. The seahorse works so well with the maille. And if you are looking for something to do with those green pearls - I'm sure i could find a use!!! Jx I'm sure you would- and they'd probably look better than anythign I'd do with them!
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2005 on Art Clay Sea horse at Four Seasons of Jewelry
I love this. I like the way the wire is enough to hold the stone in and decorate it but doesn't overpower the design. Really nice work.
I agree- it's gorgeous. I've never seen silver leather or that type of swarovski- they work really well together. It's a good example of putting together different ingredients that some people wouldn't have chosen and them working great together.