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i think having to play rivals will make matches easier to sell to fans and hopefully increase attendance.
I am moving on. It was pretty disappointing at first but if his heart is not with the USMNT it is best not to have him on the team. All you have to do is look at Marquez to see what it looks like when a player is half-hearted
Definitely Kljesten and then Lichaj in a not too distant 2nd. I hope they get looks after these first two games of qualifying. we will probably need them against the tougher teams.
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Too bad New England didn't go after him and try and attract some Irish fans
Don Garber is the man! from leading us through the dark days of contraction to a deal with NBC the league and soccer in general has grown leaps and bounds in the past 11 years!
I like Bradley but I think he and the USMNT have hit a ceiling and have actually regressed a bit. The easiest thing to do to achieve short term happiness for the fans is a coaching change. To achieve long term success is for USSoccer and the USMNT program to get better at identifying and developing players. I dont think there is a quick fix and foreign coaches havent had ringing success in MLS so I dont have high hopes for that fix either.
great move for everybody involved! I really like how NYRB is going all out for the title! DeRo is a fantastic player, he was great for SJ & Hou but was unhappy for whatever reason in Tor. I am sure NYRB will pay him well & it will payoff on the field! I am a Sounders supporter but NYRB should be fun to watch this season. fantastic news!
YES!! I still rock my DTOM jersey. I have the red training jersey too from a couple of years back that is not too shabby but it will be cool to have a "real" jersey.
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Mar 4, 2011