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We have just been waiting to hear the savages are destroying all the statues and relics, so very sad. Too bad we can't make the region a beautiful glass bowl! 44 despises anything that does not match his communist ideology. 4 more years........
HONOR?? KILLINGS: God bless Pamela Geller, she has been the light in a sea of Islamic darkness.
If every post here expresses total disgust with BO, why aren't you getting behind the proof that he is an unknown entity.Why is there no support for Arpaio re: bc and the complete deletion of BO's past, his family's particulars, etc. I don't get it. This pos is a nut case who if elected again will cause a war both in the middle east and America. AKA Barack Obama is a marxist, plain and simple. The EPA and U.N.Agenda 21 will systematically destroy ALL energy production and we all sit around whining about what a disaster this is. For me, I absolutely support every effort to vet AKA BO and expose him and his communist cabal.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2012 on I Cannot Stand Him at Right Truth
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Apr 6, 2012