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So ... those workers will go out and get a job in the private sector where they will actually contribute to our economy and not take from it. They'll go to work for a widget manufacturer and generate new money which will generate new tax dollars. Every government program that is cut, every tax cut, infuses cash into the economy which is invested to expand businesses, create wealth, hire workers, grow the economy and generate taxes. Government is a necessary burden on the economy. But when that burden gets too large the economy slows and tax revenue falls. Government jobs suck the life out of an economy because their entire paycheck is taxpayer dollars -- not new money derived from a manufactured product. The taxes they pay are just returning a small percentage of what was taken out of the pot. Yes, some Government jobs are essential, but those and subsidized jobs should be limited to just what is needed to provide police, fire, military, judicial, infrastructure etc. Budget deficit means spending more than you receive. Cut backs are necessary. The government doesn't drive the economy -- business does. Holding on to budget items we can't afford doesn't help the overall economy. Those people out of work will find new work as the economy improves.
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Feb 25, 2010