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Many mentioned the two Eddings series, but I have both in audio so I'm guessing those aren't they. My personal pick would be the Rosenberg Gaurdians of the Flame books, though I think they finally reached beyond five as they stretched into books having less and less to do with initial characters and situations. I'm also currently reading Ready Player One. That's going well so the combination of narrator and classic 80's fantasy is exciting.
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I was pretty young when Challenger blew up. I was outside playing and my dad called me in and I saw the explosion and my initial reaction was, "Whoa! Cool!" My father got really mad at me. My initial reaction was based on a failure to understand. There were cool space ships that blew up in my favorite movies. The effects here were awesome. It wasn't that I thought I was seeing fiction; it was just that I didn't in my immature state relate what I was seeing to either loss of human life or the tragedy for the space program (which was incredibly important to me even at that age.) I quickly realized my error and had an experience that was very unusual for me... I felt extremely guilty. One I could (very quickly) see my reaction as crass and unfeeling, I had a very hard time forgiving myself for it. As an adult, I realize that I was responding to pyrotechnics on tv and not a "real" event, but at the time I thought there must be something monsterous about me to be unable to feel bad for that loss. When I think back to the event now, in addition to the sense of loss and tragedy that I think is common, and the sense of happiness that we did move beyond it and it didn't unduly suppress the space program, I have an added component of needing to remember that sometimes because of our context we fail to approach even the most dramatic of things with appropriate compassion. I remember how my dad felt at my insensitive reaction and look for other cases when I could be missing the real important point in something. A good example is every time some parent leaves a child unattended and something bad happens as a result. Most of the attention is focused on uproar about the parent's alleged mistake. I'm usually the first in most groups to say, "Hey, our first reaction here needs to be to support a poor lady who just had her child kidnapped / hurt / whatever. That's an unimaginable tragedy." I see others with looks on their faces when I say such things that I can imagine reflect the emotions I felt 25 years ago. I think the space shuttle incident helped me grow.
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Wil Wheaton is hugging smurfs. Your argument is invalid.
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Dec 12, 2010