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Jeff Albrecht
Spokane / LA currently LA
Born, I exist - will die.
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Wil, I was intrigued by your experiment of this short live feed tour motivated by your experience watching OccupyLA on twitter and uStream. (did I read that or hear it?, can’t find it now for attribution) Props to you for leaning and sharing in real time publically. What a nerd! hug and/or handshake as appropriate. During the Tuesday Occupation I followed a couple of your tweets about journalists needing to step up to the plate and cover the event regardless of the permission from the LAPD. I hope you may follow up on this in twitter and your blog if hopefully you research a bit and find some respected established journalists and bloggers that can comment on and document this aspect of the evenings event to educate us in the calmer light of a new day with perhaps a history of police and the media in this and other cities so we can understand it in light of history. I found it disturbing, yet have no real knowledge of how the media and police forces work together or against in other similar situations. I’m going to go search your blog a bit for your dogs since you had the door closed on them during your live feed. (I watched a recording…) C ya… - jeffa
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Dec 1, 2011