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Jeff Blaine
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Nothing really fun happens until 6+ months, IMO. Then it gets amazing. Congrats.
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Question: Why buy a house with 1800sqft when you can buy one with 3600sqft? Answer: You pay more up front and you pay more every second of every day that you heat/cool the house between 69-72F.
Saima, I actually read more blog posts *because* of Twitter. My process goes like this: Follow interesting links from Twitter to the page. Briefly check out the page. Add the page to Instapaper via its "Read Later" bookmarklet. Ultimately I end up with a pile of mostly short reads that are of interest to me, accumulated in one spot where I can get to them as I see fit. I've thoroughly enjoyed this in the last 6 months that I've been doing it and have exposed myself to far more ideas or just enjoyable reads than ever before. There will always be a place for 500-2000-word well-written articles, stories, etc. As for dwindling comments, that's a tough one. This post by Anil is a good example. Is there really a whole lot to say in response to it other than, "I agree."? I'm actually a big fan of "Like" buttons, though I haven't implemented them on my blog. I even wish Twitter offered "Like"s for tweets. It's a very simple but powerful acknowledgement for the times when either the topic doesn't really provide for a lot of open-ended questions needing input from others. People like to know that others find their offerings at least worth a tiny head nod. This is all old news by now though, the whole psychological and motivational desire for even the slightest acknowledgement from people who you know ARE visiting one's site. You at least get confirmation that people read what you said and at least mildly appreciated it. The alternative is the whole "talking to the wall" feeling which can quickly kill all motivation to bother. PS: Anil, I *like*d this article.
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Jan 5, 2011