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Kim - bottom line? I don't know the right women! Just kidding.....anyway, fair enough. Maybe "idealized" wasn't the right term.....but howzabout this: didn't the "voices" of those women in that diner scene ALL kind of sound LIKE Tarantino? Maybe that's what bothered me. Does he write convincing character-dialogue? Does he write over-idealized characters? Or do some/most/or all of his characters sound a little bit too much like Tarantino? Thanks for the brain candy and response.
I learned of Sunset Gun from the time you co-hosted on TMC with Robert Osbourne, and I've enjoyed reading your stuff since then. Thanks for turning me and others on to "He Ran All the Way" and "Something Wild". I really enjoy the way(s) you express your opinions and observations, even if I do not always agree with them. The older I get, the more interested I am in the OTHER point-of-view, especially if it is intelligently written or expressed. You had me up until you went into Tarantino territory - maybe he does "get" women and maybe he doesn't, but these women, when they're sitting in the diner talking all of that film-geek stuff? I don't buy any of it on any level at all - these are strictly idealized, Tarantino-women who don't exist anywhere except in his fantasy world, and they are so far divorced from any reality, I can't stand it. It's kind of like Aaron Sorkin's "West Wing" - those people were SO idealized away from ANY reality, that it made me angry to watch it. If Tarantino would back off from the self-indulgent stuff and give us moderately-idealized characters that are a little closer to reality (whatever that is!), I'd enjoy his stuff more. I DO enjoy your writing and I will continue to read as long as you keep writing.
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Dec 7, 2011