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Recent Activity 2 MW × 365 days × 24 hours × 25% = 4,380 MWh = 4,380,000 kWh Assumption of what a wind turbine will produce in a year. 4 million gwhr of electrical consumption per year 1 wind turbine produces 4 gwhr per year I million wind turbines would about match our electrical consumption. Which is on average 20,000 turbines per state. Wind is expected to beat natural gas in price soon. Its the inevitable source to go to along with solar.
Trump is going to get the jump on everyone with a coal powered steam car, it's going to shake things up bigly. Posted by: William Stockwell | October 13, 2017 at 08:13 PM I actually thought you were joking in that was such a backwards look at things.
These charging facilities will take close to 60 minutes to fully charge a TESLA Model S-100. They are NOT quick charge facilities (yet). Better faster facilities are required. ################################ The faster you charge the shorter the battery life. What trade off would you have?
They aren't really revealing much about the battery. Looks hush hush.
The performance looks great, the energy content to make this looks a little high with the higher temperatures. Possibly this gets worked out if it makes it to market.
Engineer-Poet, Nuclear isn't needed and really shouldn't be used. A clean, safe, healthier, world with energy security in every country.
For example, the Model 3 can be ordered for 35k USD with 55kwh available for 220 miles range but since it has a 75kwh battery it can always be upgraded to that pack size by a software purchase. I have never hear of battery capacity increase with software upgrade. How can software increase the capacity of the battery bank? This is the same guy that invented the lithium ion battery is now patented his version of the solid state battery. It looks like its coming out to me.
And we have Donald J Trump in which we will fall further behind on automotive technology.
Not quite ready to get out of the lab?
Gorr An unregulated market only acts out of its self interest. Someone must come in and set rules for good common behaviour. Other it is Katy bar the door and the environment be damned. The government helps the market to achieve the next step of the market resolving a serious issue like, GLOBAL WARMING.
Soooooo by next century we may just get a commercial fusion reactor?
Renewable energy is coming down in price and fossil fuels are increasing in price.New wind now beats new coal plants. We are now at the break even point in price comparison. It will be interesting to see what happens next decade when renewables shift downwards even more.
Drive electric and this whole issue goes away. Buy renewable energy and a great deal of ozone pollution, global warming solutions are taken care. Easy.
I don't see specs on the number of cycles it can run with minimal degradation.
Another very limited range BEV for people with access to hiome charging facilities and good weather. Not suitable for users in adverse weather conditions and without home charging facilities. Posted by: HarveyD With global warming, the future winter weather is going to be a little warmer. I have a short range ev that does most of my driving and it works well in all conditions. The gas is used for long distance. With 200 mile battery banks coming down the road, there will be plenty of room for all your driving needs. With future charging stations stepping up, it will be almost as good as gas.
50 cycles is low. Need more like 3000 to 10000 cycles. Smacking batteries with high energy takes it toll on them, its just a matter of time. The more you baby your batteries, the longer they last. Charge at low energy all you can.
Our lives getting better are just around the corner. The United States is behind and needs to move forward faster.
106 miles tells me that you need to charge at about 80 miles for certain or risk problems. Actually that is very good for starters. Most jobs can be completed with that range in mind. Just need to keep a gas vehicle on standby for those busier days. I do that with my business now. My son drives my pick up truck while I drive my electric car in my line of work. I have not had to charge to get the days work done.
Alex Epstein, founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, So Alex Epstein is your argument against the 97% of scientists confirm human warming. How is that working for you?
Most of the stuff that comes across green car stays in the lab. It would be great to see this get out into the car and light truck market.
Something to keep in mind is that battery life is shortened at high charging rates. Using this sparingly would be a wise choice. 300kw of charging current is pretty intense.
Actually its very attractive. This is one of longer electric drives on extended range vehicles. It would easy to change the batteries on newer models for an even longer range in the future.
I charge my 16 kwhr battery bank with about 43Kw at chadmeo chargers. It takes about 18 minutes to fill battery bank to 80% capacity after driving 45 miles. You have to charge slow at the end anyway or you overheat the batteries and shorten their lives. If you have a 230 miles battery bank you may only need to charge once on a trip anyway. It just takes careful planning to make this work. fast charging has to be done wisely or you spend all kinds of money replacing prematurely burnt out batteries.
Curioua as to what is the final useful life of a car battery. 50% capacity left, 25% capacity left?