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Hey Rich, I know you say Shannon Sharpe was like 20 years ago, but he was still dominating and putting up very good numbers as of 2003. I know a lot of people don't like the move but Niles Paul is naturally a 236 lb. guy that struggled to make his weight of 220 lb. He is stronger than all the TE's in this draft but three and by and far faster than all of them. So maybe this move is not as crazy as it seems? Maybe?
1. Rich, don't the Redskins also have an extra 13.8 million of carry over money from the 2010 season? That plus the 19 million is still a very decent amount of money right? 2. This cap hir thing is not over by a long shot. It's either they will face a massive lawsuit that the NFL and NFLPA will lose or punish all the teams that had front loaded contracts during that year like the Saints, Texans, Packers, Bears, Lions, Eagles and 49ers. Either way this thing is a mess that is far from over.
1. The Redskins should not do the trade at all. So let me get this straight, there is actually a logical justification for getting a player that will likely only finish maybe 2 or 3 full seasons his entire career. Griffin is injury prone, I don't care how much he weighs or how tall he is, because none of that is going to change that fact. He has been injured or hurt half of his college career already, do you honestly expect him to hold up better once he's in the NFL? If you think so your delusional. So is a injury prone guy really worth 4 high round picks? In my opinion No. 2. I hope since Fischer and Shanahan are buddies this is only a favor amongst friends to drive the price up for the Browns to give the Rams the optimum amount of picks for the no.2 overall pick and that Shanahan has no real interest is giving up that many picks for one injury prone player. 3. Fans are excited about Robert Griffin III coming here until they will be forced to realize that by doing so this team will have no choice but to rely on over priced older veteran players for at least two years making this team once again old and top cap heavy. This is change? Giving away draft picks and paying for over the hill over priced free agents? Because this is sounding like more of the same to me. This is Vinny Cerrato logic at its best and I hope Redskin fans and the organization realize this soon. If not, this team will be a disaster and riddled with overpriced over the hill players again. People who never learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Redskins seem to have not learned from their past mistakes and will not succeed until they consistently do.
Hey Rich, I know everyone really had their hearts set on Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III but I just don't think either of them where guys you trade the whole draft (1st, 2nd and 3rd pick) for. I really like Ryan Tannehill and Nick Foles, two players I mentioned as good selections before we knew Robert Griffin or Matt Barkley's status. And two guys I still feel would be great selections for what we do on offense. Ryan Tannehill, was already considered a late 1st round prospect for the Barkley deal, and it seems like his stock will only rise now. Also, a lot of people like to forget that this year Ryan Tannehill had already outplayed Robert Griffin both passing and running, despite Texas A&M's terrible defense. Ryan Tannehill is a raw prospect but despite Andrew Luck is the only QB in the draft to be in a prostyle offense, by Mike Sherman a traditional west coast coach. Tannehill may not be a quarterback that will start week 1, but under the tutelage of the Shanahans I can see this guy becoming a good one, a lot of his assets and tools that fit the system we run. I also like Nick Foles, though he is 2nd round talent. He has an nfl arm, touch and accuracy. Noles, however, is very inconsistent from game to game. But to be fair Nick Foles had no running game at all, unlike the other QB's in the draft; inconsistent play from his WR and TE position and no defense. Nick Foles would most likely have put up better stats if he had better talent around him. He reminds me, however, a lot of Matt Shaub in size, arm strength, touch and potential. I feel like both quarterbacks would be a good pick up.
Mike Shanahan out of any coach in the NFL analyzes and evaluates quarterbacks coming out of the draft. When Mike Shanahan put Rex Grossman in and benched John Beck he decided at that point he needed a QB for the future because Beck wasn't it. Mike Shanahan has already looked at the quarterbacks coming out and evaluated them. I think what he's really saying here, is that he's looked at the talent but their is no point in deciding who is the best for the team until he knows for sure who will come out and who will stay. Which is in January, only then can you seriously put a list together, until then he's going to worry about FA and his own players. Makes sense to me.
Hey Rich, Is it me or is this the Donovon McNabb thing all over again. Do we always have to be the team holding the bag, when everyone finds out a guy can't play any more. Isn't there evidence enough that Manning has serious issues with his neck the fact that he had to get two surgeries, within a few months of one another and he's just now has the bones lodged in so he even can begin his neck rehab process. Isn't it even a bigger warning that he still, after months and many surgeries and operations, has no time line as to when his healing process will end? Are the Redskins really dumb enough to think this is a good idea? I warned everyone about McNabb, first of all Eagle QB's just plain suck in any system besides Reids and then he traded him within the division a sure sign that he can't play anymore, but everyone naively thought it was a good idea. Now I'm warning everyone about Peyton, don't get him...its a terrible idea. This guy might not even be able to play next year, much less play well. This is a terrible decision and his rehab is going very poorly...despite what the media is teling you. An average time frame for this injury is 5-9 months, this injury has lingered and gone on for a year now. Something is wrong. Let's not be the team of suckers that finds out what. I would prefer us drafting a QB instead of signing Peyton Manning. A guy that I believe is really under the radar but will be a good one is Nick Foles, who reminds me a lot of Matt Shaub except slightly more athletic. He's got an nfl arm but what I really love about this guy is his touch, he just puts the ball where his WR and TE's can make a play on it. That is real accuracy. He's looking like a high 3rd round pick, exactly where Matt Shaub was taken. Selecting him at that spot, would also allow us to us to trade down our higher draft picks, get a starting LG and RT and a few other great pieces along the way, which we desperately need.
Hey Rich, The Laron Landry situation is a little different from the Carlos Rodgers one in that, Laron actually wants to be here. Carlos Rodgers had made his mind up before the season began that he wasn't resigning with us and both parties accepted this. Laron and the Skins can work out a one year contract with Laron Landry without having to use the franchise tag. Simply agreeing to extend his one year contract one more year would be best for both parties. Because lets face it, Laron is more valuable and will be paid better by us than he would anywhere else. Coming off two injury plagued seasons, zero pro bowls is not going to garner him the cash he wants from any other team, his best interest is to resign one more year, like Rodgers did, play his butt off next year, raise his value in the nfl and let the chips fall where they may. Thats the best route this team and Laron Landry should take if Laron Landry wants to make the big money he feels he deserves and the Redskins want to invest long term in him.
Hey Rich, Short answer to your question...naw, don't think we shouldn't have gotten a QB. The long answer...we'll it's a very complicated question when you factor in that if we had gotten any of the QB's we would not have Ryan Kerrigan, Leonard Hankerson and Roy Helu. So I guess the question is if drafting a QB would be worth it this year? And I seriously doubt it. Don't get me wrong, I believe that a special rookie QB can elevate his team and make the players around him better. But besides Cam Newton (a guy we had no chance of getting.), I can't honestly say that a QB like that was in this draft. Christian Ponder and Andy Dalton are very good QB's that where drafted on teams that already had a lot of established talent and explosive weapons. I believe having Ponder or Dalton on this team simply wouldn't be very effective nor would we be winning games. Gabbert in my opinion is a average QB, he's just not elite talent and I'm glad we never drafted him. In my opinion, the 2012 prospects, besides Cam Newton, are simply way better than the 2011 prospects. If Gabbert, Locker..etc. had come out this year they'd be 2nd round picks any draft analyst would agree with that. With Matt Barkley (yeah I know, but he's coming out.), Nick Foles, Ryan Tannehill and maybe Landry Jones and/or Robert Griffin III the Skins will have not only talented prospects but possible franchise QB's in the draft to build this team with.
1. Rich, you are absoultely right. Rex Grossman was sick with pneumonia and wasn't going to play in those games regardless. So might as well give John Beck as shot. Very valid point, and after hearing it. I completely agree with you. 2. Yeah I agree, we don't need a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning to have success in this offense. But just a good QB, that can be a leader on this team. I feel like if we had that weither from a veteran or rookie player would go a long way in the locker room and on the field.
Hey Rich, 1. I was one of the people that thought we never should've benched Grossman. So he had one 4 int's game, its Grossman it happens. At least give him another game to redeem hinself before kicking him to the crub. That's how I feel about it. 2. The Redskins don't really have a QB or a real leader on offense. Which I feel like is the biggest issue on offense. Guys aren't willing to hard for either of these QB's. Until we get a leader at the position, it doesn't matter who plays QB they won't succeed.
Carlos Rodgers has obvious confidence and competitive issues. He is only fine in a environment where he is the unquestioned no. 1 CB on a team. And I'm glad this year he found that team. But it'll be interestng to see how his future is.
1. I'm disappointed Perry Riley didn't start sooner. I said last year, Riley was our 2nd best run stuffer and cover guy at ILB. Riley will only get better from here on out. 2. Man, this offensive line keeps getting injured. Thats something we have to address in FA and the draft next year, adding depth to the line essential. I like Trent Williams and Kory Lictenstiger but feel we probably need to upgrade at C and RT. Will Montgomery could then be our back up C and RG which is a nice position to have him in. As for RT, Jammal Brown is not the answer and we need to upgrade both positons. 3. I'm still waiting for DeJon Gomes to get the nod over Reed Doughty. I mean Doughty is technically sound, but Gomes just has way more athletic ability that eventually he'll surpass him regardless so might as well do it now.
1. Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Lienart and Alex Smith where all locked up from the start. No chance of getting any of them. We even offered a contract to Lienart that was rejected. 2. Matt Moore, Vince Young and Tarvaris Jackson are ok, young and pretty athletic. But the key word is okay. None of them are legit starters in the nfl and would be not worth the investment (all of them cost way more than either Grossman or Beck.) 3. Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton and Kevin Kolb cost teams a lot, only to receive questionable performances. None of them would be a long term answer so why would you giving up a high round draft pick/s for them was dumb. Oakland made a dumb move in getting Palmer and Cardinals did a dumb move in getting Kolb. I'm glad for once we didn't make those mistakes. 4. Honestly this draft depends on who we get at QB, I really like Matt Barkley and Robert Griffin III. So if we get either one of them I'm happy.
Hey Rich, I've been one of the most supportive fans of Shanahan and where he is leading this team. But as of last game, I'm not really sure we are on the right track as an organization. This is not because of the losses, or the inept offense. No, this is because of the personal decisions that he has made. Mike Shanahan doesn't put the best people on the field for us to win and even when he does he does not put them in a position to succeed. That plus the constant changeover (I mean have we had the same offensive and defensive starters on the field 2 games in a row? I seriously doubt it.) developing no continuity on this team no flow at all. Has made this season more frustrating than the losses themselves. It just seems like where trying to find a quick fix to restore this losing season. People wonder why our offense sucks, we have new people in every game, a lot of it is due to injury but this was occuring before that. So that can not be an excuse. Can someone tell me what type of offense this is, it seems to change every week. There is now continuality, there is no devlopment. Its like where starting from scratch every game. I just feel like Mike Shanahan is grasping for straws at this point, where not truly focused on rebuilding but where not truly focused on establishing the vets and playing them. Where somewhere in the middle. And that not a good place to be for any team trying to improve next season. The players have lost faith in the system and the coaches, the coaches are doubting themselves and as a team we are neither confident in what where doing or even worse not sure what where doing. I mean on the players and ocaches faces, you can see the frustration you can see the doubt. I feel like it best after this season to fire Mike Shanahan, simply because if where going to make a QB decision. We should make one with the coach of the future in place. Having Mike Shanahan make the decision, then having him fired one or two years after disapointing seasons already puts the coach behind the 8 ball.
Hey Rich, 1. Is it me or is this a lot of turnover in the middle of the season? 2. I like the David Anderson move, I feel like he's a solid slot reciever that will keep the chains moving on 3rd downs. He's better than Derrick Mason, who he got replaced by and also less of a diva. Good signing. 3. Dunno, how I feel about Kentwan Balmer, he always had the size and the talent to be dominant but has never been able to put it together. He has been said to be difficult to coach... 4. Dominque Johnson for Brandyn Thompson...don't get it at all. 5. I like the Tyler Polumbus signing though, not only did he play LT for the Seahawks, he actually did a really good job in replacement of Okung last year. Kind of confused why they'd let him go. Guess they where higher on Giacomini and felt like Gallery could come in in a pinch. Oh well, I'm not complaining good news for us.
Hey Rich, Honestly I didn't expect us to win this game so I'm not that upset about it...but, honestly Jabar Gaffney and Leonard Hankerson where wide open down the field a lot. Is it me or is John Beck gun shy? I see him go through the progressions and I see him look at the receivers and just not throw a confident ball to them. Beck just seems to me not to be a very confident. I liked what I saw out of Leonard Hankerson (blocking and receiving), Roy Helu (running, blocking and receiving), Fred Davis (blocking and receiving) and Darrel Young (both blocking and receiving) these are very good pieces that this offense can build around for the future.
Hey Rich, 1. I think Josh Wilson is an excellent talent being used wrong in the system. Wilson is a great bump and run Cover CB, yet we have him 7-10 yards off of the line of scrimmage. We are forcing these guys to fit into a system rather than putting them in a position to succeed. Great coaches know how to adapt to get the best out of the players on this team, we don't have great coaches right now. 2. I begged for Roy Helu to get more touches on the field, he seems to be getting less and less every game. Whats up with that? Why is Roy Helu not getting any early down carries or just carries in general for that matter? If the running game needs a bust why don't they give it to the fastest RB on the team thats can take it the distance if he got a crease? 3. With Niles Paul and Leonard Hankerson being forced into primary receiver roles, why don't we play more small ball and throw more 3 step drop and have shorter routes. Hankerson has shown the ability to get open short, find the holes in the defense and make some yards after the catch. Wouldn't that open stuff up deep if we can do this consistently early in ganes? And Paul is our best blocking WR, why did he see the field so little, especially on running downs? 4. Is it me or does Mike Shanahan seem a little taken back about how much work it would take to rebuild the Redskins? Its like buying a used car really cheap. Thinking you got a great deal, but every other day you have to take it to the shop to fix something new. I feel like thats how Mike Shanahan is with the Redskins, every time he tries to drive the car its just something else wrong with it. 5. I completely disagree with what a lot of local writers talked about the last few days, when they said firing Shanahan would be a great idea at this point. The only time this team has had consecutive winning seasons in the last 20 years of this franchise is when he had Norv Turner, for 6 and a half years. It took him 3 years to rebuild this team. But when he finally did, he created probably the best team we've had in a long time in the 1999 Redskin team, that was 1st in the NFC EAST, only time that happened in the last 20 years as well. What I'm saying is this. You can't say on one hand. That the Redskins are a mess and will need time to develop and grow and then on the other hand say man where not good we should fire the coach because this team is a mess. Isn't this how the mess started in the 1st place? Replacing coaches every 2-3 years and then overhauling the roster to that coaches needs? How is any chemistry or development occur doing that? And thats the point, there isn't any and unless we start to have a coach longer than 2-3 years, there never will be and this team will forever be doomed. Mike Shanahan can fix the Skins, but he needs 3-4 years to do it. And we all knew that before he was hired, so whats the problem now? 6. Also I hope we resign Laron Landry, he's not having a good season so far, but he's been banged up and put out of position. I hope we resign him, but don't break the bank with him.
Hey Rich, 1. I have to agree with Brian Mitchell, the Redskins where outcoached. And whats disturbing about that is this, Chan Gailey is not an offensive mastermind he believes and preaches one principle and thats small ball football. His teams are going to run the ball, have a quarterback that can get the ball out of his hands quickly so the offensive line doesn't have to block that long and recievers have space to make plays. Thats all he does and preaches. For the Redskins coaches, simply put what where they thinking? I mean by halftime, the offenseive line had give up 4 sacks and done notihng on offense but the skins where still in the game. And could still run the ball. The long ball wasn't there all day. So can someone please explain to me why we kept doing 5-7 step drops and deep routes over and over again. Even as John Beck was getting killed? Even as our offensive line couldn't hold up? This game was lost not because of the players, not because of the injuries. But because of arrogance, the coaches arrogance for that matter. Their game plan wasn't working, yet they stuck to it regardless. No adjustments, nothing to help the players that where struggling and out of everything, even the score, thats what frustrated me the most. It's almost as if the offensive coordinators didn't want the players to do well. So on the three step drop routes, John Beck had time and was finding recievers, so we get away from it and start doing 5-7 drop stuff and John Beck gets killed. We don't go back to the 3 step drop to nearly the end of the 4th quarter, have success then immediately after that go back to the 5-7 step drop and Beck gets killed again. I mean most coaches, if a guy is getting sacked a lot and the line is not blocking well, would throw in some eary down screens, draw plays, do shorter routes and speed up the tempo. Isn't this common sense, am I oversimplfying things?
Hey Rich, I like Chris Cooley as much as the next man and wish him a speedy recovery and a swift return back to the field. But the facts of the matter is this. You can't ignore how well Fred Davis is playing. He has improved greatly as a blocker, constantly sealing the edge, which is creating gashing runs to the left side no matter who is playing the LT position at this point. He is also on pace to have 1,100 yards this year which would be at least 250 yards more than Cooley has ever produced. Even if Cooley returns, he's not returning as the starter. And because of that, should take a pay cut and restructure his deal to make it more cap friendly so we can use 2-2.5 million to give Fred Davis a new contract. If Chris Cooley truly wants to be a Redskin, which I sincerely believes he does, he has to take a pay cut. He will still get his touches on this team and is an asset but at this time, Cooley is the 2nd best TE on this team and to let Fred Davis go just so he can be the starter and keep his contract at 30 years old, would be the biggest mistake the Redskins ever made. Well, like 3rd biggest behind trading Trent Green and benching then releasing Brad Johnson for Jeff George...I'm sorry but both of those moves where NFL all-time blunders hopefully never to be duplicated again.
Rich, Does this mean where going into Toronto with only 2 Running backs on the active roster?
1. John, wearing a knee brace before a knee injury is not going to prevent someone from getting hurt, if anything it hinders movement and puts the player in more positions where the player more susceptible to injury than preventing it. It's unfortunate that Jarvis Jenkins was hurt but it is apart of football, players will get hurt and need to be replaced, its apart of the game. 2. With Adam Carriker, Stephen Bowens, Darrion Scott, Kendric Gholston and Doug Worthington the defensive end position was thin even with Jarvis Jenkins. Depending on how they feel about Worthington, they might want to add another guy to the mix. I personally haven't seen much frm Worthington to think he's an active roster type guy but hey only time will tell.
1. Hey Rich, I wish you and your family the best during your time of mourning. 2. I agree with you. The question was "How do you believe you will fair in the NFC East." What was he suppose to say, where going to win some games and lose others? Of course your going to say where going to win the NFC East and that you believe in your team mates. This is yet again another example of the media trying desperately to bash the redskins for no reason other than there obvious Eagles/Cowboys bias in the division. This is one of the reasons I hate and dont use twitter, cause you can take any statement, without the context within that statement, and just run with it, trying desperately to say something clever or witty, though if we where bring honest with ourselves it rarely is. But I guess thats what happens when you live in a world more focused on getting it first, than getting it right....
Hey Rich, am deeply sorry for your loss and wish you and your family the best during this time.
1. I can see this move, I was hearing that out of Kareem Moore, Laron Landry and Robert Henson who are on the PUP Henson was the one that was the furthest away from coming back on the field. Which is kind of worrying in terms of the severity of his condition because Landry and Moore probably won't be ready to 2-3 weeks into training camp, so Henson probably wouldn't play in it at all. 2. It still believe H. Blades isn't as good as a healthy Robert Henson, but when is that? Will it ever be again? And will it occur with enough time before the season is about to start. Well the coaches thought not and they actually know the medical records. It is what it is.
Rich, Robert Henson did show flashes of ability last least enough to make this team if it wasn't for his injury. I think Henson is a better player than Blades and would beat him out if he stays healthy. But just like Ryan Torain its a big if.