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But the problem is that the lobbying money is there for a reason. If spending a million dollars on buying off Congressmen - sorry, I mean, campaign contributions - can make you a billion dollars, you'd be insane not to do it. The Congressmen, of course, want to be bought off, and have zero moral incentive not to be bought off. (If you think that people go into politics because of their angelic nature, I suggest remedial psychology classes.) So the only real way to get the money to stop coming into politics is to stop the money going out the back end. If the government didn't have an essentially unlimited amount of money to spend, and an essentially unlimited power to spend it, then there wouldn't be nearly the lobbying there is now, because it wouldn't pay off. (Would you spend a million dollars to make back less than that?) That's essentially what happened before the expansion of government starting in about 1913 or so: there was little reason to lobby because government could have little effect on economic outcomes. So if you want to remove the lobbying, you have to reduce the power of government. And frankly, most of the people most concerned about the lobbying are least concerned about how powerful government is.
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Jan 18, 2012