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SBI--Load the video of the the first yellow between Califf and Montero. While they are setting up the kick you can CLEARLY see Freddy "Wink" to someone. That was the biggest dive of all. And it cost a yellow to PHilly. MLS needs to start suspending stuff like that and then resend the yellow card.
Ford plant would be great...good thought.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Who should get 20th MLS team? at Soccer By Ives
I'd keep it at the Sliverbacks Park. The base is there and it's an easy drive down 85 for the Gwinnett people, easy drive from East ATL (Stone Moutain, Tucker) Easy drive from downtown plus MArta stops right on the other side of 285, the Marietta/Cobb people can get there easy. It really only causes trouble for South Atlanta (past the airport--though with Marta???),Douglasville out West (again--stop at the MArta station and ride???) and the Kennesaw area.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Who should get 20th MLS team? at Soccer By Ives
Gentle MAsher--Atl has 2 stadiums. The new one for the Beat (only 8500...don't know if can expand???) and the Silverbacks Park (designed to be expandable up to 20000--and better location.)
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Who should get 20th MLS team? at Soccer By Ives
I'd be at the games in ATL also. In fact I think many people would be there. I don't see a problem with getting 15000 fans a game. Plus we have 2 stadiums already built (would need to add some seats) but options are there. Silverbacks park-would need a grass field (hate playing on the turf) and they would need to complete it to the 15000 capacity (20000 with temp seating.) The new stadium in Kennesaw for the Beat--only 8500 so would need to double (don't know if it can.)
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Who should get 20th MLS team? at Soccer By Ives
Knew it would happen. I think we can beat England with a full team. But for me a full team includes Jones. I just think he is a vital part for the style of play we have and bringing in his experience, skill and ability is a major missing link for the CDM role. Edu can do an fine job, MB is more box to box and Clark isn't near what we need. But Jones is just something else we don't have. But with or without him we will give England a run...
I like the thinking JM... 1) I'd start lower at $40,000 base salary...then every year played add (percentage guaranteed-5-10%???) for the player. 2) Have a limited free agency...players who've been in the league for 7 plus years get free agency at then end of the contract. Also, any player that played less than 40% of their available games can go free agent. HOWEVER no player can negotiate a contract...REASONING...once negotiations of players contracts starts the players wages will start to drastically raise. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. Unfortunately MLS cannot have this. 3) GET CREATIVE--pay bonuses (this can be negotiated by player.) Every goal scored the player gets $3-5,000...depending on years and who he is. Assists get $2-4000. Blank sheet the Goalie get's $5000 and the D get's $2000. THE BIG ISSUE that no one is talking about is GETTING MORE FANS IN SEATS. This will help in those lull games where a team is already in position for the playoffs and they play lethargic. THIS also could help draw some big name guys who would be able to dominate and make some cash. 4) Have teams adopt other cities and play 3-5 games there. For example the Crew play some games in Nashville or Atlanta. 5) Each team can have 3-5 players that have the right to negotiate a contract (A DP). A team would have a total of $1 million for these players only plus bonus.
Kpugs...normally I would agree that the closer you get to the WC the window closes on "hot" players. However there is 1 position that you always look at a hot player and that is forward. By far the most difficult thing in soccer is scoring and if someone can score (even if they are ugly goals) you have to look at them. Plus playing up top you don't hurt the harmony of the team as you would on D. Now...if we had 3 strong forwards that had been playing and scoring (in international games) then it's a different story but hardly any team in the world has that.
It doesn't matter if the league sucks or not. The point is he is putting in goals and the 2 top scorers from MLS couldn't do that in a few International games so we have to move on and try him.
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Mar 15, 2010