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It's not a bad message, it's just incredibly poor advertising. User sees a fake image that looks nice and stylized, you show up to the event, the event doesn't look like, doesn't represent, doesn't even have the atmosphere of the event; user doesn't wait for the event to even rez before they haul it out of the sim. It's akin to giving disney clip art for a carnival that's in a walmart parking lot. It's not the same thing. Second life can be beautiful enough without having to be a phoney bait and switcher. And this is about every bad ad I see on the events listing(which I really need to find the setting to turn off when I log in).
I am the customer. I am always right. I've been told this at every job I've had. But when it's my turn to be a paying customer how come I am always wrong and always argued with, for things I've always had to give to my customers!?? Wegmens does not pay me. I never filled out a W2. I did not go through their little training program. If a line is empty I am using it. Most people don't even read fine print, or even know what that light at each line means(it means open or closed), so this sign ain't going to do it. I am a paying customer. If her line is empty, it's her obligation to scan the stores merchandise. If they don't like it, get rid of all pork and alcohol and see how their profits do. If I avoided her line completely and her lane was empty, and she's wearing her headscarf, I would be called racist. So I cannot avoid her line in the first place. And what is next? Men aren't allowed in her lane? She is unmarried, teenage, and Orthodox, Muslim. I am the customer, I'm paying for the food, my time is worth something. I am not there to follow their bureaucracies for free. This is discrimination. And where does this manager have experience with this sort of thing before? Where's the Christian only checkout lanes mentioned in the story?
Fun Fact: I recall an interview & story about AG Michael Mukasey under George Bush once. He said he always kept a photo of the victim on his desk that I am sure was from this "incident". The left hated him.
Did they stop broadcasting images of 9/11 because it was said to "cause emotional distress"? Did Tennessee also just ban footage and mention of 9/11? Actually, isn't all news broadcast distressing? there goes the 6o'clock news.
I couldn't get a minimum wage job in those 3 states if I tired so I'd like to know how she snuck into them without lying on her application. In that if you make x dollars in your last job, it's hard to get hired for min wage as the people hiring will believe it's not enough and you won't stay for long, and so on....from experience. More importantly, what is this freakbag doing in a min wage job to get rich off the backs of the poor? Anyone not understand how it would be like to try to get by on min wage or is this book geared only for the silver spooned who never had a job? Can we get more fame by stating the obvious a little bit more? How nice of her for stealing the min wage job from those who need it. What crazy kook assigns such a book to a class? For what purpose? Aren't these min wage jobs the same ones that these KIDS would be doing if it weren't for angry psychos taking those jobs to write books stating the obvious?? Are the administrators stupider than the kids today?
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I remember this issue with Xentury City, i worked at a hotel on their land around this time. Multiple buses of the Royals would stop by and rent the suites. The county did scrap the contract and to my knowledge, no convention center had ever been built. As far as the hotel stuck on their property, not sure if anything every happened. What's done is done, once you have a multi-million dollar building on a plot you can't move it. So theres a typo. You first mention it being the city of orlando, and then subsequently correct it to being Osceola in the rest of the article.
I believe England is bought and paid for with OIC money. Isn't that were the arab princes airmail their cars to get oil changes? Some years ago, maybe 2, CSPAN carried the opening of Parliament and the queen is the one who does this. It was hours of pomp and ceremonies. When she takes her seat, there are all the dignitaries, and so on. The closest people sitting in front of her were not English, they were Saudi's dressed in their garb. Does England even have the ability to be sane and rational anymore or are they bought and paid for now?
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In addition, the US and the association is making rules changing the leverage limits making it impossible to have brokers in the USA in the future anyway. All the money should be leaving after this farce. Everyman from around the world does it because they trade with 10 or 200 dollars. American authorities thing it's too easy to lose that 10 dollars and it could crash the economy i suppose. So they'll all be going through London, Dubai, or Cyprus soon.
Hi pam. ALL Forex brokers have special segregated apartheid accounts for Muslims. Since they're "forbidden" to make interest, they just change the english word for interest and call it "swaps" and everything is kosher! Isn't it great! There appears to be a large number of muslims and russians making money here too. Maybe I should get one of these accounts. Then if i lose a lot of money, i can just threaten a fatwa and get it back.
And when they lose business, no one will figure out it was because of anything like this. They'll just say it's the economy and ask Barry for more help to save it.
Last time I heard of Lake County in the news it's always regarding the massive amount of illegals there. I wonder if that's who is/was offended. Because it's a rural place. The headlines keep getting more absurd, along with the online polls.
Translation: Geico does not believe in, and finds controversial the values of freedom, liberty, and protection against corrupt and hateful regimes. And talking about the founding fathers drowns out the message of auto insurance. Gotcha. They're on the boycott list of some companies that I don't patronize because they did business with the nazi's in the 30's!
I'm not sure if I've ever seen a neo-nazi do such a sloppy swastika before. When someone says inside job, doesn't have to be the congressman. Could be a random loon on that side of the debate who wants to fabricate a controversy that way.
Not to mention Progressive barely observes holidays. July 4th was on the saturday, unlike most companies they were open the 3rd. Let's see, Do I want to advertise on a program with a moral host that millions of people watch, or do I want to appease a few thousand loons? How many of those 75000 signatures were real or verified? Or American?
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on Boycott GEICO at Atlas Shrugs
This is amusing, I found some old newspapers and there's ads for gay rights or the environment, and some drone is arguing with me there's no such thing whilst I'm staring right at the ads. I love drones.
ew, these guys have a florida branch? I thought I was in a right to work state.
I saw this report while flipping around. I saw all these camera guys and other "reporters" and "photographers" standing there getting doused. And the coughing fit. But the best part was. Peaceful protests, no stone throwing! What she said. Before that Jeopardy was on. No one could identify Lebanon on the map. I see a pattern.
How long until a recall? The only foreign born office holders I like are movie stars with a good film career. I can't think of any though. I'll take David Cameron I guess. I've watched the CSPAN Prime Ministers questions when i catch it for a while, and I've never seen anyone lambasted like Mr Brown has been by him. It's jaw dropping. Let's make it happen :)
setting up my question. There is, or was before January a term called the anglosphere. A block of english speaking countries which shared the same goals and values. US, Canada, England, Australia, etc. With that concept in mind, am i alone when I think it feels unnatural that Russia will ally with Iran over Israel as much as the US being an ally to Kosovo over it's neighbors? Feels backwards.
New headline: President returns to his roots. He can't help himself but to pal around with terrorists.
The good news is, our country is do dumbed down that people believe this is well spoken, articulate, and as biden says, clean! whata speech!
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2009 on A Feverish Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
Does anyone get the feeling that there will be a healthcare bubble. The big companies that do the administrative work(as that's mostly what healthcare is, administering your company's plan and bank account typically) will do fine with the added people to cover. But like fannie and freddie and EVERYTHING these clowns touch, it'll pop, go under, and get nationalized. That's how you nationalize and industry. If you haven't seen it before, what coma have you been in is what I will ask. Second, Is Obama in a hurry, because he would be completely uninsurable with his eating, smoking and past drug habits had he not been the chief community organzier* of the world? Except for israel, india, ethopia, Lebanon, Iran, Georgia Taiwan Miami(the ex-cubans and jews)....
Not only is Nobama's world view that 2 dimensional that he actually thinks the protest and revolution will end in minutes if he took a position. As in they're love the mullahs and go back to the USA junk. But he's really going to do a number on himself. Let's say these people finally succeed. I don't know how, or what's stopping them. But Mousavi gets in, or anyone else. Don't you think they'll remember who wouldn't even verbally give encouragement? Did Obama in a 2 dimensional way make a new set of people hate him and america? Or does the 2d worldview end not get that far?
I wonder if ANY of the taxes effect the rulers in DC. I say they get taxed on their income and perks at a 90%. Or what i call their bonus. I already pay more for socialized medicine in taxes than I do my own. And I opted for the more expensive plan. Some people are lucky and they have a CHOICE in their level of coverage. Has anyone wondered what crony will be awarded with the posts of running these? And I bet there's a lot as there will probably be a lot of political posts. How exciting, to be the one to create the last great, and largest, most expensive patronage/no-show job agency in history. It's good to be king.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on OBAMA TAX, TAX, TAX AND MORE TAXES at Atlas Shrugs
Do they ever go on topix? Do a lot of newspapers still use that trash? You got all sorts of terrorists on there. Eyewitnesses to hezzy explosions, etc. Somehow they are drawn to the Israeli section. Even had a "Canadian" threaten me. You assume the NSA or something would, because that thing seems to be a good breeding ground. But it wouldn't shock me if no one did. Something useful for once. Do they go after youtube too? How about EVERY forum on earth and online game. They're too busy worrying about flamers on the internet??? Obama can save or create 300million jobs monitoring all the websites on earth, and you're not going to get all the flamers and 13 year olds online. Look how stupid the comments are on any youtube alone!