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Good post. As you've outlined, respect is the key. While I may have stepped on the line recently I have tried to present only facts and not run to name calling. That being said, characterizing an article as snarky and sensational probably isn't the kindest thing I could have said. We are in a position to give great info to the community While I certainly can't take the time to refute every cheap shot, FUD attack, or misinformed statement I think that it's worthwhile to take a clear and thoughtful stand from time to time. Your work stands as a good example of this sort of education. It was greate being at vSpecialist training. More than once the teachings of @sakacc were discussed. Focus on your position and product. Never use negative statements about the competition to sway your audience. Solve the problems with your technology and win customers. Let's raise the bar. I work for VCE, with Jeremiah.
This was an amazing time. I made it out for the game w/ Lane and had a blast shooting some of the video. I just wanted to capture a few of the v0dgeball rule mods: 1. Taunting is encouraged 2. Headshots are fine 3. We play with more balls than most Thanks to Hoff for the inspiration, Chad for the execution, and everyone for having so much fun and being great sports.
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Sep 15, 2010