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The DVDs are getting damaged as well as the machines that they are run on. You would think that Netflix would want to save the cost of replacing the DVDs by making the envelope more compatible with the machines. Blockbuster doesn't seem to have a problem with creating an envelope that is......
Thanks superrude I mean superfunhappy.....
When they say return mail service...that has nothing to do with picking up mail at the post office..Return Mail Service means if you move then the post office forwards the mail to the new address or gives NetFlix or whoever requests it..the address for a fee.
The envelopes are different. Block Busters Envelopes are really hard to tear....because of the paper they are made of...whereas netflix can be torn easily. Block Buster Envelopes are sealed completely and the Net Flix envelopes are not.All Net Flix has to do is create their envelopes like the Block Buster Envelopes. Simple....