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Take two. This is a much less artistically crafted comment than the one I just accidentally deleted. I haven't tried Rustic or Edwardo's, but I can comment on the others I've tried: Wildfire: This is a decent option at a restaurant that does a great job of catering to its gluten-free clientele. It's more like a flatbread, and the toppings are limited, but it's still tasty. HomeMade Pizza: This is a fun little option. You pick up a raw pizza and you take it home and bake it in your oven. Impress your friends with your cooking prowess! But this is pretty good. I didn't tell my dinner guests they were eating GF, and they were none the wiser. (Don't you hate when you tell somebody what they're eating is gluten free and they stop eating it? Some food is naturally gluten free! It won't kill you or turn you into a dirty hippie!) The thin crust, medium is your only option, but you get to choose from a all the toppings on the HomeMade menu. The crust is pretty standard thin crust, but it's not crumbly or crackery like some other GF pizzas. And, bonus! You can place your order online and go pick it up or have it delivered. Perfect if you're like me and hate to talk to people on the phone. Ranallis: This used to be my go-to gluten-free pizza option because it was right down the street from my old apartment. Sadly, it is not very good. Again, medium thin crust is your only option, but it comes on a foil pan and I found it to be often burnt or unevenly cooked. Eating in the restaurant is somewhat better. You're still limited, but the cooking quality is better, and they have gluten-free desserts and garlic bread. I believe the bread is brought in from Rose's Wheat Free. Dundadundahhh!!! My favorite: Chicago's Pizza. I always order from or go to the location at Montrose and Damen, but I think you can get gluten free from other locations as well. This pizza joint decided to go the extra mile and formulate their own gluten-free dough, rather than bringing in a crust from outside and limiting you to medium, thin crust. You can order any kind of pizza on the menu, and even a calzone if you want a smaller portion. The crust is a little floury (not sure what their recipe is) but I've always found it to be well cooked with that chewy pizza crust texture. You can get a Chicago deep dish, or a regular thin crust, that's still not too thin and crackery. Delivery is always reliable and prompt. They deliver the GF pizza in a specially stamped box, so if you order a regular pizza for your guests you wont get confused. They are enough alike that you could mistake the gluten free for regular! That's my 2 cents. If you're looking for something at the grocery store, always go with Amy's. @JennFree/@GFDiningChi
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Dec 13, 2011