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Jennifer Breier
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Oh, that was great. Loved it. I was at a con recently & I have to say that the video introductions for the guests were seriously lacking. Did not do your TNG pals justice. Should con directors want a video introduction for you, I recommend they use this one.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2012 on Where's Carl? at WWdN: In Exile
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I love hockey and though I specifically love Flyers hockey, I'm happy for the Kings & their fans. And not just b/c some of my favorite former Flyers are associated with the Kings. I guess b/c I just narrowly saved myself from becoming a member of that faction of sports fans who are frak'n assholes, I try to "not be a dick" to fans of opposing teams. Too bad I didn't get to watch any of the Stanley Cup finals! I can't afford cable TV & the local networks don't give a crap about the weak signal sent out to those of us who rely on antenae. I think for next hockey season, I should just get a Twitter accnt & follow Wil!
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Jun 4, 2012