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The hard work and passion you put into this blog are evident and I do appreciate your articles! Thank you. And like you, I also appreciate Brian Mathieu. He is well-spoken and thoughtful. Plus, who couldn't like the Cookie Monster (his Facebook avatar). :o)
The image isn't clickable for me. Maybe because I use Google Chrome?
Completely off topic, but I just love the picture you used in this post.
Brooke, this is in all likelihood not the sort of comment you were hoping for, but I just want to say that you have great taste. :o) I completely understood the points you were trying to make with your Seinfeld and The Jerk references. You are a talented writer. So while I don't spend much time pondering about which word in a sentence is emphasized, I did appreciate very much your last paragraph about letting go of bitterness. Thank you for sharing!
Those are some profound thoughts, Jack. Thank you for sharing.
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Oct 25, 2010